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Hugo Gameiro

Problem solved, everyone is up and running.

A small percentage shared hosting instances are currently down because there was one server that froze and I had to restart it.
ETA: 15 minutes

Concerns about the cryptocurrency's energy use are overblown Mostrar mais

Do you want to help out with the translation of Mastodon?

Now it is pretty easy, just go to pick your language and get started :)

This Weblate thing is pretty cool

Images are back for all shared hosting instances! 😅
Please let me know if you experience any issue. Thanks

Problem with images for shared hosting instances Mostrar mais instances media migration finished Mostrar mais instance new media storage Mostrar mais

I am doing some testing on my personal instance and I will need to restart the instance. Expect it to be down for a couple of minutes.
No other instance will be affected. shared hosting problem fixed Mostrar mais server upgrade finish 💪

Notice for hosted instances Mostrar mais

Been doing some algo trading in bitcoin and altcoins. This thing is crazy, never a dull moment 🤠

@GinnyMcQueen WOW! Freaking cool new avatar.

I really should update mine, it's like 10 years old

After 2 days of work, the upgrades have finished.
Every instance hosted by is now on v2.0.0 🤠

This update is turning into a lot of work. Everyone should be up and running and I will continue the update to v2.0.0 tomorrow.😅

Second IMPORTANT notice for instances Mostrar mais

NOTICE for instances hosted by Mostrar mais