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Hugo Gameiro

All instances hosted by are now running version 2.2.0 of Mastodon 🐘

Instances hosted on upgrade to v2.2.0 Mostrar mais

'Zuckerberg has repeatedly doubled down on the toxic idea that we should only have one self, one persona. That we should be the same person in all social circles, lest we be “frauds”.' -

I don't always see eye-to-eye with DHH but this article is pretty good

The upgrade finished. All instances hosted in are now running v2.1.3 and I will be here in case you need anything :) instances upgrade to v2.1.3 Mostrar mais

Any of you a WebSocket ninja that wants to make some $ helping me for a couple of hours on a project that I am working on?

Finito! All instances hosted by are now running v2.1.2 of Mastodon 🐘 instances upgrade to v2.1.2 Mostrar mais

Meltdown/Spectre vulnerabilities and Mostrar mais

It's so easy to laugh
It's so easy to hate
It takes guts to be gentle and kind 🎶

It took me 4 hours but all hosted instances are now running v2.1.0 😅 instances upgrade to v2.1.0 starting Mostrar mais

I will be upgrading one of the servers of shared hosting now and a small percentage of instances will go down for 10 minutes (this instance included)

Problem solved, everyone is up and running.

A small percentage shared hosting instances are currently down because there was one server that froze and I had to restart it.
ETA: 15 minutes

Concerns about the cryptocurrency's energy use are overblown Mostrar mais

Do you want to help out with the translation of Mastodon?

Now it is pretty easy, just go to pick your language and get started :)

This Weblate thing is pretty cool