"This isn't about the law anymore... The current state of copyright is kind of only peripherally related to the law. It's much more related to the policies of the platforms on which we operate our businesses and our lives. Which is a strange situation to be in as we realize that we are kind of CITIZENS OF CORPORATIONS" - youtube.com/watch?v=BL829Uf2lz

OK, mystery solved it was just the language filtering that was only active for a single language.

A couple of hours to solve something so simple :)

Hey Mastodon did you ever come across an issue where the Local Timeline is stuck on an old date for a single user?

Any idea on how to debug this?

Same issue was reported by someone else but it has no solution: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

The good about 5G is that sooner or later ISPs will start to lower 4G prices

I just spent an hour reading the changelog for Mastodon v2.7.0 and the Highlights blog post: blog.joinmastodon.org/2019/01/

It's pretty amazing the amount of work that goes into a Mastodon release. Contributors, you rock!

I was just thinking: the only way to make a messaging system truly private is for the messages to disappear/be deleted as soon as you read them

“In other words, the most the CEO of Twitter was able to tell me about specific steps being taken to solve the rampant, site-wide harassment problem that’s plagued the platform for years is that they’re looking into maybe making the report button a little bigger, eventually..

It seems clear that Twitter’s current iteration, a machine learning-curated hell, isn’t the website Jack Dorsey wants. He just refuses to say what that website actually is.”


"The nature of the self in the digital age" by @aral
is such a good article.

I can't recommend it enough 2018.ar.al/notes/the-nature-of

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[Portuguese] Aviso masto.pt Mostrar mais

Walking Dead is so slow and long that it feels like I have been watching this series since I came into existence

*in the world

Damn, I had just woken up from a nap when I wrote this and my brain was not fully working :)

It’s official: the best place is the world is my bed!

I just did the math from all my work last year and even only paying myself €1000/month and adding everything up (VAT + Social Security, Salary Tax and other business taxes) for every €1 of profit, I have to pay €0,50 to the government. This is in a small scale business without any employees (just me) and pretty much at break even after all taxes and my small salary.
It's pretty crazy that at this scale 50% of all the money I make goes to taxes.

So, now that Christmas is over can we go straight back to the warm weather? Pretty please?

Am I wrong to say that Mastodon is the largest decentralised social network?

If the data in podupti.me/ is accurate, there are only 237 Pods in Diaspora and according to mnm.social/ there are 6424 instances of Mastodon.

Is there any other data that I can look at to confirm or deny this information?

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