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Hugo Gameiro @hugo

@kemonine @david I usually only update after 24 hours of a release to be sure that there is nothing breaking.
V1.4.5 was released yesterday (to fix a performance issue on v1.4.4) and there was a problem with it, so I waited and today v1.4.6 was released. If by tomorrow no issues are found, I will upgrade :)

Thank you so much @kemonine

Really appreciate that :)

@bea @cassolotl In terms of hosting an instance for sex workers I have no personal problem with it and would even support it but it is not a black and white thing. It really depends on the purpose of the instance and how it is maintained. There is no way I would ever allow an instance that I host to promote human traffic, child abuse or many other situations but I would be willing to risk the trouble it could arise from a community to help sex workers.

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Someone on Twitter just sent a shout into the void asking if there are any #Mastodon instances by and for #sexworkers. Anyone know of a thing?

#needhelp #nsfw

@cassolotl @bea unfortunately no. I don't think that any of my instances are for sex workers (at least none displays that information publicly) and also haven't come across any hosted elsewhere.

@luka it was a hack that you could do to tag some text in a toot that would make it spin :P

Upgrade finished! All instances are now running v1.4.4

no more spinning text ;)

if I can help with anything, just ping me. Thanks @bea and @ghost instances upgrade to v1.4.4 Mostrar mais

#justwatched Song to Song Mostrar mais

@alice Users can block other users without being admins. Just click the 3 dots next to the person you want to block and choose block. It will only get blocked to you.

@frank even the status page images are failing :)

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Remember to do something good for yourself today. Take a break from the internet. Hang out with some plants or animals. Eat or drink something good. You deserve it and your brain needs good chemicals and rest.

You can't save the world by watching the news.

@MoreEndless O pessoal boa onda é mais do que bem-vindo!

@MoreEndless Obrigado, é fixe ter portugueses a participar :)

@ellecram sim e estou bem pertinho do incêndio mas para já sou chegou cinzas até mim. Muito obrigado, é assustador e incrível mas está tudo bem comigo