[Portuguese] Aviso de Manutenção 

[Portuguese] Aviso de Manutenção 

[Portuguese] Aviso de Manutenção 

[Portuguese] Aviso de Manutenção 

"Psychologists are just people who weren't smart enough to be psychics." :blobrofl:

Police have used Google's Sensorvault database, which was built to collect information for better ad-targeting, to aid in criminal investigations, The New York Times reports; geo-fence warrants enable law enforcement to obtain location data from the database; sources say federal agents first used Sensorvault in 2016 and the practice has since spread to numerous local departments


It would be fun to calculate the development cost of Mastodon according to these numbers...

Hugo Gameiro partilhado

Opinion: for a non gamer that is currently ill and spending time in bed is a PS4 or GBOX one.

"This isn't about the law anymore... The current state of copyright is kind of only peripherally related to the law. It's much more related to the policies of the platforms on which we operate our businesses and our lives. Which is a strange situation to be in as we realize that we are kind of CITIZENS OF CORPORATIONS" - youtube.com/watch?v=BL829Uf2lz

OK, mystery solved it was just the language filtering that was only active for a single language.

A couple of hours to solve something so simple :)

Hey Mastodon did you ever come across an issue where the Local Timeline is stuck on an old date for a single user?

Any idea on how to debug this?

Same issue was reported by someone else but it has no solution: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

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