Can I have suggestions/links of CC music from artists that happen to also be on fedi, please and thank you? :blobaww:


"Music" is a strong word (I play noisecore), but I'm on Dogmazic under the name Squalor Possum. Attribution-only.

Lotta good folks on there, but I don't know who else is on the Ol' Federoo.

@eloisa I boosted, but I should mention that @tim makes music, but I don't know his licensing.

All Creative Commons.

Some of my stuff hasn't hit BC yet, but anything at is fine to use.

@eloisa Great thread, I might use some of these suggestions on my twitch stream and YouTube videos!


A good topic, thanks.

Have you tried browsing through #ccmusic results?

I hadn't before, and am ready to #dig in to what I find.


Uuuuuhhhhh, I do release my stuff as CC, but I make harsh noise so, uh... Probably not to many peoples tastes? Link is in my bio.

@eloisa Check my work on the field of experimental/noise music:

All albums free to download.

@eloisa I don't know which platform you need, so here's the google result:

(I think I already sent this under another toot, sorry if this is a duplicate 🙃 )

@eloisa all of my non-commercial music is licensed under CC-BY-NC: -- And here I am on fedi!

@eloisa my stuff at is all under a CC share music license.

@eloisa When I was an undergrad, I started a "band" with a friend where we'd both play the flute and I would scream. It's silly but fun. We did a Christmas album and a short demo about Don Quixote. Our music is CC BY-NC-SA.

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