@P It could exist some english tag idk
i like them too

There's a way to change this design tho?

All the instances have the same design?

Do you know that exist a band called mastodon?

So trump promoted the individual liberty making people decide if they want or no to sell products to someone Lgbtq or someone that committed abortion and the media as you know use titles like "Trump makes law that allow lgbtq discrimination" oh pls god is so obvious they try to influenciate the public

Idk if people are ignorant or whatever that are influenced by media and their hatefull titles

The fact that i cant know all the things make me trigger

@P sounds french to me
What bands do you listen?

Im not gonna lie this design is a very turn off

so i was without phone and computer all this time

Guys you can follow me i will give follow back if i like you

I would like a interface a bit different tbh of mastodon

Also crash course has an playlist form study

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