Mais uma vez, é com agrado que, aos poucos, vejo menos SJWs na timeline global. 🧐

I just read that there's a whole Sharknado series. This may call for a marathon!:blobglare:

Just quited It's been years since I've used it, and I get the same service from :2001:

É com agrado que, aos poucos, vejo mais actividade local aqui no

Seedship is a strangely depressing game, but I can't stop playing it.

Sourceforge finally got a redesign... nice...🎨

I'm not using this much, but most accounts I follow are crypto currency news 🤑

How do Mastodon and Gnu Social play together? I ask because I think I can host a GS server, but not a Mastodon one.

After doing more testing, I decided to go ahead and provide shared hosting for Mastodon instances.
This will be a trial but unless something goes horribly wrong, I believe that I can price it at €5/month for an instance of up to 100 users.
This can greatly diminish the cost of running small instances and remove the technical barrier from everyone who wishes to run their own Mastodon Instance.
Let me know what you think

Wow this anime site is amazing !

There is everything in VOST 1080p without forced ads, censored/uncensored versions and you can even download the video files ! :o

@hugo eu só tenho shared hosting, mas se precisares de ajuda para alguma coisa, é só dizer.

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