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Final update on the 'find an open-source and self-hosted solution' to create invoices:

I ended up installing and using odoo.

You can install only the modules you need and is based on Python Django which I feel way more comfortable on dealing with. I'll probably talk about it on one of the next Ubuntu PT Podcasts.
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Tiago Carrondo partilhado

While discussion with @dnegreira about #invoices and how I used in the past CRMstuite and now LibreOffice templates, I discovered the #InvoicePlane while listening to their podcast. First impressions: looks pretty cool!

if you are a fan of #ubuntu or #linux and #FLOSS and portuguese speaker grab the latest #podcastubuntuportugal podcastubuntuportugal.org/ or watch it on youtu.be/uNqq8pnO7j8

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Tiago Carrondo partilhado

@hugo já pensaste em montar uma instância de peertube aqui para o burgo?

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