How was your Degoogling, ? What tools and/or services did you use to replace the ones from Google?
So far, I'm replacing Gmail with free email service. This made me change the associated email address in a lot of services to the new one. There are still a few services unchanged, specially state stuff, but I'll make it eventually.
For web searches, I'm using @StartpageSearch instead of Google.
I haven't found a decent replacement for Photos so far :(

@brunomiguel everything selfhosted.... for search i use a selfhosted #searx instance


@r3pek can you provide a list of services that are you running as alternative? @brunomiguel

@rubemlrm Nextcloud+Collabora para a parte do "drive", dovecot+postfix+snappymail
para o "stack" email @brunomiguel

@r3pek @brunomiguel não conhecia o snappymail, tenho que dar uma vista de olhos

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