"All companies should disclose their algorithms, moderation policies and data flows. Experts can examine the actual code that drives our algorithms. We encourage others to follow suit"

I like this! Google, Facebook... it's your move!


Alguém tem sugestões para fornecedores de alojamento web, em Portugal, ou Europa Oeste, para hospedagem e revenda de serviços fediverso? Obrigado!

I just love this guy! If you see this one, you will surely look for some others and even read one of his Books. 

Rant on so self named Yogi's 

Westerners thinking they are "yogis" after having dived a few weeks or months into Yoga throughout other YouTube videos...

Nope you are not a yogi!

Yoga used to be a practice Hindus & Buddhist's would practice their entire life before being declared BY OTHER experienced practitioners as "yogi's", Yogi isn't a cute short name to describe someone practicing yoga while in confinement via an expensive Apple laptop.

/rant over

It's hard to deliver power to the people.
They are not used to it and don't know much about it's use.
The next breaking point in human history shall be (hopefully) regain some liberty and have some freedom!
Let's build up some thoughts on top of this!

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