How easy is to learn a new language, self taught ?

Anyone has done it , that could share , how and tips ?

@motorto I like Rosetta Stone for self-learning new languages.
Unless you mean Python or Java :thaenkin:

@black_sun thanks I will take a look at it !

Ahha , you are right I meant languages not programming languages


Duolingo, changing Netflix audio to the learning language with my native language subtitles and talking to people wherever I can in the language I'm learning.

Also, if possible, I've found around 2 weeks in a country that natively speaks your learning language to be worth about 6 months of self study... as long as you only speak the new language wherever possible.

@Blort yeah a teacher of mine always said the once you learn the basics , the best you could do is spend time in the country with locals .

@motorto talk to natives, read books and newspapers, watch movies/tv/news with subtitles (if possible), live in the actual country

@motorto if you can combine the same book in the language of your choice + the same in audiobook while also reading and listening the pronounciation .. thats best.

i still do today most of the time when i can .. reading a book in english and listening the same in audiobook as well

@viktormadarasz I will probably watch a series of a country that speaks that !

I'm going out now - but I'll talk about this when I get back.

Tenha um bom dia

@thelonius thanks ! I will be sure to read it tomorrow morning !
Boa Noite !

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