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Getting some fresh air under the beautiful Alentejo sky! Delicious!

Today it was 40° again but I'm enjoying 23° now and a fresh breeze on my balcony. But it's time to go to bed now. Have a good night!

Desejo uma boa noite a todos os habitantes do

And a good night (or good morning/afternoon/evening) to all those on our beautiful Fediverse.

Hello world!

I'm tooting for the first time from This will be my new home on Mastodon constellation from now onwards.

I'll complete my profile a little later today. Right now I need a nap.

Talk to you later!

João Pinheiro partilhado

#Fedilab 2.36.0 is available on Google Play and should be available soon on #FDroid.

This version also fixes crashes on some instances after uploading a media.

The full release notes:

Thank you for all your bug reports, I postponed improvements for the next release.