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A travelogue by Brazilian Touring cyclist Candida, about her 30 days tour in #Iceland.

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Islândia tem cachoeiras e lagos de azul turquesa, casas com grama no telhado e tempestade de areia. A Cândida rodou o país de bicicleta numa viagem de 30 dias e conta como foi a experiência

This is something that I'm not sure humanity has already studied. But women are probably the biggest victims of wars! And, many times, they are the silent force that, after losing husbands, children, rebuilds their countries from the ashes wars leave behind...

@snow Thank you. Now I got the idea.
Any sexual crime is disgusting! Intimacy is something to be shared, offered, not stolen!
Unfortunately, sexual crimes are seen as a weapon by any army, even today! And the victims, mostly women and children, are often ostracized by their own families and country. So, they continue suffering for the rest of their lives, having to take care of innocent children they didn't want, alone...

@snow I'm sorry, but I can't understand what you mean. Can you, please, try to rephrase your thoughts? Thanks.

@snow Hi! I've always loved history because we can learn so much with it! It explains so much! Two different perspectives on the same subject! 😄

João Pinheiro partilhado
João Pinheiro partilhado

The indigenous peoples of Latin America are by far the best guardians of the regions’ forests, according to a UN report, with deforestation rates up to 50% lower in their territories than elsewhere.

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Want a site to:

Track your reading
Record your book collection
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Keep up-to-date with new releases
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is there a european free software group i can join/donate too? fsfe is officially doing double standards and backstabbing, so they aren't an option anymore.

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Sorry about the several messages, but I had to break one message into several to be able to send them.

Dear fellow Fediverse travellers,

As some of you have already noticed, I've been very active at my new Fediverse home, [João Pinheiro -](

I'm not going to close this account, but I've decided to make *Zotum - Hubzilla* my main residence in the Fediverse from now onwards. So, I would kindly ask you to follow me there.

Hoping to be able to continue this journey on your friendly company, I send you my best regards.

Take care and stay safe!

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@eggmit Welcome! The best thing you can do is to be patient and use it. You'll see that it's not that difficult to use. Envoy yourself!

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