Sorry about the several messages, but I had to break one message into several to be able to send them.

@joaopinheiro Not a problem, João -- and those messages I received fine at

I did respond to them also, and made the typo fixes you suggested, thank you.

I don't think there's a problem in messaging from the Friendica instance to m.s -- the crux seems to be the zotum hub.

I did not receive any messages I sent to myself, either here or at m.s .

Do you have the ActivityPub add-on installed in your Zotum account? I think it's needed before you can connect to the Fedi instances with the AP protocol, for messages.

The system there seemed nice, but this is strange, isn't it? with the 500 chars maximum toot is a pity, I can't really use an instance with that low limit.

Thank, João. Please keep in touch, you are an estimated friend!

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