When I search for you on this account on the page I get a strange error. And on Friendica there seems to be some strange confusion regarding your profile and Niklas'. 😄

@joaopinheiro Hello João -- I opened the page you linked to, and my profile is the first one on the list, the most recently active user in the instance.

Screenshot attached. The Friendica situation is really weird - and an error at their end. The snapshot you show has my post, my profile URL but Niklas's photo in it.

And his user title, as he is indeed the admin here.

I will try logging into my Friendica account and see what it shows.

@joaopinheiro I assume that is happening at the end -- or in another Friendica node if your F account is somewhere else.

Copying @ij -- possible Friendica bug problem? Please see posts above. Thank you!

@rgx @joaopinheiro Not sure how I can help here? Watching at the screenshot I see being involved, which is admin'd by @steffen

@ij @joaopinheiro @steffen

Thank you for the reply, Ingo.

But it's not only João's Friendica account which is seeing this problem.

I noticed it also at my Nerdica account, and screen-captured it also - attached.

So this error is showing in two Friendica nodes now - and it seems a bug on the Friendica software ?

Errors detected :

location URL points to
the user @ pointer shows as expected.

But :

user name is shown as another person (Niklas, our admin here)
users post list shows Niklas's posts -- not rgx's as it should.


Well, it is and it isn't... 😄 If you go to and click rgx profile you'll get the result that you can see on the second photo. 😄 Strange...

@rgx @steffen

@joaopinheiro @ij @steffen

The second image you attached is a plain JSON view of the user profile page -- which shouldn't be happening,

I figured out the problem.

Your clicking in page directs to :

...While the real account page is at :

I think we need Nikla's assistance here - possibly a local problem in configuration?

@nipos please check this thread. Thank you!

@rgx @joaopinheiro @ij @steffen Thanks for the hint.I guess BunnyCDN is caching the profile pages too aggressively.I'll try to turn cache off for any dynamic content.


You are very welcome. I am glad we found the root cause! lol...

Sometimes I find it's taking a bit of time to search and find my Toots here at other instances - where I intend to search, find and boost them.

Works normal in some, not in others.

Usually no problem with the Pleroma instances.


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