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Dear fellow Fediverse travellers,

As some of you have already noticed, I've been very active at my new Fediverse home, [João Pinheiro -](

I'm not going to close this account, but I've decided to make *Zotum - Hubzilla* my main residence in the Fediverse from now onwards. So, I would kindly ask you to follow me there.

Hoping to be able to continue this journey on your friendly company, I send you my best regards.

Take care and stay safe!

João Pinheiro partilhado
João Pinheiro partilhado

I feel like hibernating and getting out of my cave after the 6th or 7th January...

João Pinheiro partilhado

Amnesty International: "The removal of an iconic artwork that has stood in a university campus for 24 years commemorating those killed in the Tiananmen crackdown is another attack on freedom of expression in #HongKong, and a shameful attempt to erase history. The Pillar of Shame must be preserved.

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"Comment #Google nuit à l'innovation et à notre sécurité en imposant la loi de Chrome."
Encore une fois (s'il en fallait encore...) une raison de plus de ne PAS utiliser Chrome...
RT @freda_73
@alainmi11 Pour rester dans les navigateurs :

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Il y a exactement 182 grains d'actualité dans le Khrys'presso du jour, de quoi faire une mouture bien fine avec sa revue web hebdomadaire sur le Framablog

"Coffee, Cup and Beans" par, licence CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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UN News: **Remember the Rohingya ‘forced to run for their lives’**

"The world must not forget the roughly one million Rohingya from Myanmar “forced to run for their lives from the military’s genocidal attack against them”, an independent UN human rights expert said on Monday, beginning his first mission to Bangladesh."

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João Pinheiro partilhado
João Pinheiro partilhado

Good afternoon!
Is there anyone who could help me finding some docs on the use of Ethercalc? I'd like to know how to freeze rows/columns and I can't find any information on how to do that.

Dear friends,
As part of an Erasmus+ project, I and teachers and students from 5 countries have made a study of 31 communication apps/software programmes.
We're not IT professionals but we did our best to search for relevant info on the subject and to be fair.
Now I'd like to share the results with you and to receive your comments on them.
You can find them here:
Thank you!

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Inventaire is a free open platform for cataloguing and sharing physical books from personal collections and independent libraries.

You can follow at:

➡️ @inventaire (in English and French)

The flagship instance is at

They have just added Fediverse support:

#Inventaire #Books #Book #Authors #Author #Reading #Library #Libraries #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Français #Francais #Fediverse #ActivityPub

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Hi fediverse!

I'm a developer from #Croatia , trying to rediscover my online voice. I've been away from social media since I quit Facebook some six years ago. Feels like I forgot how to post online. 😆

You can check out a #dev blog that I'm starting at I'd also like to hear of exciting #SFF books you've come across lately. Or you can just toot your thought on the latest Star Trek #Picard trailer at me.


Bom dia e uma excelente semana para todos!

Good morning and an excellent week to you all!

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In 1930 the Indiana Bell building was rotated 90°. Over a month, the structure was moved 15 inch/hr, all while 600 employees still worked there. There was no interruption to gas, heat, electricity, water, sewage, or the telephone service they provided.

João Pinheiro partilhado
João Pinheiro partilhado

Tutao turns ten on this year's #Thanksgiving! Time to celebrate for all of us. 🥳🤩 Ten years ago we have started our journey to create the most secure email service. In ten years we have grown Tutanota from zero to millions of users around the world. Thank you all for your continuous support! 😍

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