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Dear fellow Fediverse travellers,

As some of you have already noticed, I've been very active at my new Fediverse home, [João Pinheiro -](

I'm not going to close this account, but I've decided to make *Zotum - Hubzilla* my main residence in the Fediverse from now onwards. So, I would kindly ask you to follow me there.

Hoping to be able to continue this journey on your friendly company, I send you my best regards.

Take care and stay safe!

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Our marketing team is looking for an enthusiastic writer who will help us with opinion blogs, case studies, newsletters, announcements and other creative writing tasks.

Find the full job description here and apply today!

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Street Complete não permite mudar nomes ou traçados incorretos de ruas.

Para isso pode-se usar, por exemplo, Vespucci, também para dispositivos Android.

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Openstreetmap é um Software Livre no que a comunidade pode participar na edição para conseguir uns mapas de maior qualidade.

Existem diversos clientes, livres e a maioria gratuitos, baseados neste software, para usos diversos. Sendeirismo, ciclismo, navegação GPS.

Street Complete é um software no que se pode ajudar na edição com facilidade. É como um jogo.

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This might be bit of a faux pas, but I'd like to point out that the big guys also offer some DRM-free books as well. I've had some great finds from kobo such as the Giants Star series by James P. Hogan and the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. Just remember to check the bottom of the page whether it's DRM-free or not.
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Inkscape For Students The Series (In Progress)

Sharing is very appreciated.

Intro, what is Inkscape and everything:

Preface of the series:

Preparations, like downloading and installing Inkscape:

Open and save drawings:

Fonts, getting them to use with Inkscape:

Text, the basics you should master:

#Inkscape #Computer #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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...every now and then you should also clean your machine friend... in any case, it does no harm. ^^

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Hi everyone, we're searching for new team members! Are you a software developer? So, take a look on your role on TUXEDO Computers! Looking forward to you! :)

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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