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Just to let you all know that today is my birthday and I have a dream:

Upgrade finished! instances are all now running at v1.4.7 🎉 instances update to v1.4.7 Mostrar mais

OK, I think I recovered my account, lessons:
1) When you are an admin and you suspend an account all followers, following, media, etc are deleted. So, think twice before suspending an account because that account is not recoverable (unless you have backups but still tricky)
2) Be careful with the admin suspension and double check you are not suspending yourself
3) Never test bugs in production, I should know this last one by now :P

@P parece que vais ter de me seguir outra vez, tive de voltar ao backup e aquilo que falamos desapareceu. Sorry man

Thank you everyone!
It looks like I am back :) I was testing this bug and because sometimes I don't think, I tested on my own account and broke all my followers/following.
It looks like I managed to restore via a backup but still testing.

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Does anyone have experience with domains registered in is it normal for it to take 5+ hours to propagate DNS changes?

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Someone on Twitter just sent a shout into the void asking if there are any #Mastodon instances by and for #sexworkers. Anyone know of a thing?

#needhelp #nsfw

Upgrade finished! All instances are now running v1.4.4

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