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I've been watching Transparent and now there is a Jesus Christ Superstar medley inside my head :)

‘Tax cuts for the wealthy have long drawn support from conservative lawmakers and economists who argue that such measures will "trickle down" and eventually boost jobs and incomes for everyone else. But a new study from the London School of Economics says 50 years of such tax cuts have only helped one group — the rich.’ -

Who would have guessed?!

This website shows you videos of driving around in multiple cities while listening to local radio stations :) pretty cool

I really like that the Mastodon v3.3.0 modal background color changes to match the image

It's a small change but it's pretty noticeable to me.

In case someone is checking for Mastodon index corruption following this tutorial
Depending on the version of amcheck you install you might need to use
'CREATE EXTENSION amcheck_next;'
instead of

Talking about fake news and spreading fake news. It's perfect.

Here is the original video for anyone that understands Portuguese

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One of the most known political commentary person in Portugal said today in an interview that fake news is a big a threat to democracy and that as soon as 2021 there will be a new technology that will stop fake news. This technology is called... wait for it: blockchain.
When asked what blockchain was by the interviewer (that I suppose has never heard of blockchain) he said that the answer was in the name: to block a chain of fake news.

PC Guy is the best! "I'm a machine, I am proud of it mmm mmm mmm that's my fan" 😂 this brought a smile to my face

I really like the new Raspberry Pi 400 idea of a in a keyboard the specs are decent but I just can't wrap my head around using an SD card as the main OS drive.

And here we are, mask wearing will be mandatory on the streets of Portugal.

Imagine someone predicting this one year ago.

There is a Portuguese novelist (António Lobo Antunes) who says that he writes every day for about 12 hours a day. Still, on a good day he only ends with half a page of work.

This always confronted, puzzled me.

"Sometimes the thought is closer to the truth, to reality, than an action. You can say anything, you can do anything, but you can't fake a thought." -

Great work from @Argus about the moderation of social networks and a lot of details on Fediverse moderation


"I want to say that the treatments we have for depression are appalling. They're not very effective. They're extremely costly. They come with innumerable side effects. They're a disaster. But I am so grateful that I live now and not 50 years ago, when there would have been almost nothing to be done. I hope that 50 years hence, people will hear about my treatments and be appalled that anyone endured such primitive science." -

Last week a song named WAP by Cardi B was released. I noticed some noise around it and as my company name is I decided to investigate... I think I should buy the Urban Dictionary mug:

When I first started playing with algorithmic trading I thought it would be viable to aim at a >5% per day profit and was confused why more people weren't working on it.

Several years later and with much trial and error, actual reasonable/realistic backtesting and many experiments I think that now I have the answer. A strategy that consistent provides over ~0.2% profit per day is pretty much a best case scenario.

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