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Where can I find you on Pixelfed?

Send me your links so I can follow you.

Mine is

"Losing fans is the collateral damage that comes from engaging in music from an artistic perspective, rather than a commercial one. Making music specifically to please fans can be patronising and exploitative. Challenging music, by its very nature, alienates some fans whilst inspiring others, but without that dissonance, there is no conversation, there is no risk, there are no tears and there are no smiles, and nobody is moved and nobody is affected!" -

I rarely wake up during the night but last night I did and had a couple of emails about a couple of Mastodon instances having trouble federating.

This was at 5am and after 14 hours (it's now 7pm) I found a solution to the problem, just removing 2 's' from the Mastodon code: :blobmindblown:

Today the weather in Portugal is stormy.
In Portuguese, we have an expression that I would translate as "The devil is on the loose", I think we are not the only country as Bjork's song "It's Oh So Quiet" also mentions "devil is cut loose", probably the same just a different translation.

All this to say that today feels like this song:
🎶"the wind is blowing like it's the end of the world" 🎶

Hugo Gameiro partilhado

Okay! is updated with a fix for YouTube embeds devised by me and @hugo, as well as better dropdown options on toots: They will now properly show "unmute" when you have someone already muted, as well as offering the "hide everything from x" option. No need to open a profile for that anymore!

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I have coded a patch for Mastodon that should be double checked before I can put it in production on my end.

If someone is into Mastodon development and can have a look, it would be of great help:

Do break it apart and let me know what I am doing wrong :)

Need help with a noob Rails question 

I have a variable that I want to check if it is not nil and that the length is equal to 11.

Currently I have this:

if video_id
if video_id.length == 11

How can I make both verifications on a single if?

Sorry, for the noob question.

If you are running OpenStack Swift Object Storage with Mastodon, to use authentication v3 you need to *not* set SWIFT_TENANT in .env.production or fog-openstack will automatically fallback to v2 if tenant is detected.

With auth v3 running you will avoid having to issue a new token for each request. Besides being best practice and probably faster (haven't tested), you will avoid token limits that OVH or others implement. Eg: I was getting 429 errors on OVH because they only allow 60/minute/user.

Hugo Gameiro partilhado

Did anyone installed Mastodon v3.0.0 for a new instance? I am running into an issue for new instances installed using v3.0.0 and I am not sure if it's something on my end or something with this version.
If you have installed a new instance using v3.0.0 please let me know. Thanks

Portuguese notice for users of my instance 

Penso que já resolvi o erro mencionado acima para todos os utilizadores do, por isso não há nada que seja necessário fazerem :)

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If you are an admin and have users that have set their language as 'pt' (you will see errors on your Sidekiq on some actions related to those users and the language 'pt' being invalid).

If you feel comfortable around PostgreSQL database, you can find all users that have pt as their language doing something like:

select email,locale from users where locale='pt';

Running the code mentioned in the GitHub issue should fix it. Shouldn't be a problem but run it at your own risk :) or wait for a fix

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If you are a user that had Portuguese (Portugal) set as your language before, you should go to Preferences->Appearance check your "Interface language/Idioma" and even if it is correct press the save button.

That should fix any issue you might have.

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If you are a Mastodon user that had your language set as Portuguese (Portugal) or an admin with users from Portugal, you should read this:

I think I have to take a day of work just to go through all the changes for Mastodon v3.0 :)

[Portuguese] Aviso de Manutenção 

OK, migração terminada!

Parece-me que está tudo direitinho e mais rápido.

Algum problema, por favor, digam-me.

Obrigado :)

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[Portuguese] Aviso de Manutenção 

OK! Vou tentar de novo a transferência da base de dados.

15 minutos de downtime esperado.

Até já

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