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Sometimes not even I understand my humor. The strangest things make me laugh 🤣

Hugo Gameiro partilhado

I had to block some external instances on shared hosting.

Here is why and how that can be reverted:

This was a tricky decision but couldn't think of a better solution.

If you have any suggestions, please do let me know.

Hugo Gameiro partilhado

If you're the admin of any of the instances listed below, you may wanna look at this link from @mastohost, as they had to block your instance.

Please c/p, as boosts won't work due to the blocking. 👍

Hugo Gameiro partilhado

I know it's Saturday and you are all getting ready to go party :P but I would like to ask you to do this before you

It's not mandatory and nothing will happen if you don't but I think you should *wink wink*

This will hopefully be the last time I ask you to play with DNS settings.

This is just a test image, still cute but it's just me testing stuff :P

Goal for the day: increase automation without breaking stuff

Sounds easy enough :P

I really really need some Mastodon dev help with this
Anyone? Pretty please

Hugo Gameiro partilhado

I am getting reports of an issue where a Mastodon service gets halted and only after manual restart it comes back.

I have just reported this:

Please keep an eye out until I manage to understand what is causing it and let me know if you experience some odd behaviour in your instance (timeline not updating, stuck in "under maintenance page").


I have been working for 7 hours and only now realised that today it's a public holiday in Portugal 😋

Sometimes when I am playing around on live production servers, the voice of Ralph Wiggum comes to my mind:

My morning was spent creating a bash script that converts a port number to a valid CIDR to use as unique subnet in Docker.

According to this article, @MrHodl is the founder of Mastodon, @mattodell is a developer and I am operator of open-source Bitcoin payments solution BTCPay.

I really have trouble of thinking of ways to add more false information in a single line of text 😂


Testing Google News and got this notification.
So, this is what Google AI thinks is relevant to me 🙃

Looking for a Ruby dev that wants to do a side gig (paid obviously) to help me fix an issue I am having with

I have been thinking/trying to implement a backup system using APFS for media backups. This would be pretty cool because I could duplicate the folder daily and keep past days without duplicating the disk space used.

In my testing, manually this works but can't find a way to automate or duplicate via command line because 'cp' just does a real copy and doesn't play nice with APFS. Struggling to find a tool to do the clone/duplication but I think this would be a pretty cool solution.

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