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Goal for the day: increase automation without breaking stuff

Sounds easy enough :P

I really really need some Mastodon dev help with this
Anyone? Pretty please

Hugo Gameiro partilhado

I am getting reports of an issue where a Mastodon service gets halted and only after manual restart it comes back.

I have just reported this:

Please keep an eye out until I manage to understand what is causing it and let me know if you experience some odd behaviour in your instance (timeline not updating, stuck in "under maintenance page").


I have been working for 7 hours and only now realised that today it's a public holiday in Portugal 😋

Sometimes when I am playing around on live production servers, the voice of Ralph Wiggum comes to my mind:

My morning was spent creating a bash script that converts a port number to a valid CIDR to use as unique subnet in Docker.

According to this article, @MrHodl is the founder of Mastodon, @mattodell is a developer and I am operator of open-source Bitcoin payments solution BTCPay.

I really have trouble of thinking of ways to add more false information in a single line of text 😂


Testing Google News and got this notification.
So, this is what Google AI thinks is relevant to me 🙃

Looking for a Ruby dev that wants to do a side gig (paid obviously) to help me fix an issue I am having with

I have been thinking/trying to implement a backup system using APFS for media backups. This would be pretty cool because I could duplicate the folder daily and keep past days without duplicating the disk space used.

In my testing, manually this works but can't find a way to automate or duplicate via command line because 'cp' just does a real copy and doesn't play nice with APFS. Struggling to find a tool to do the clone/duplication but I think this would be a pretty cool solution.

OK, solved it by manually going to the Mastodon Admin Sidekiq interface and deleting all pending related to remove_remote. I think it worked. I can go and have lunch now :)

Mastodon help: remove_remote now works in Sidekiq and I was running a test remove_remote that now keeps on throwing errors and I just can't find a way to stop it, restart doesn't work. It just keeps trying to do the remove_remote and throwing errors. Any suggestions?

Wondering: if I upgrade a server from Debian 9.4 to 9.5 (new release with Specter V2 fix) do I need to restart the server for the fix to work?

Note to self: do not run StackOverflow commands you don't fully understand

Damn it, I have been waiting for 1 year for this upgrade to the MacBook Pro's and Apple didn't upgrade the "cheaper" ones :blobsad:

I can’t believe it’s summer and I’m this busy. These past weeks have been the busiest I have been all year. At least the weather has been lousy in Portugal but still I could use some slow days :)

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