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Hugo Gameiro partilhado

I have decided to introduce new plans for

This change will only affect new subscribers.

If you are already using the service, nothing will change, same pricing and conditions will continue to apply.

I offer some details about the change here: but do contact me if you have any questions.

The first result (for me) on Google for "Pirate Proxy" is a DuckDuckGo SERP page... strange

@Gargron I have came across this recently and it looks pretty cool:

Haven't tested it but something like that looks pretty accurate and it has an API.

Today OVH disabled Keystone (OpenStack Identity Service) API v2.0 and requires all endpoints to now use v3.

As the OVH instructions to access Swift via CyberDuck with Keystone v3 were incorrect, I have made a post with the correct settings:

Also, made one for Transmit:

@mike Come on, they announced new Memoji Styles, how can you not be impressed about that :)

@DJPRMF esta implementação dos widgets em iOS parece-me feia. Tudo a monte...

@ondra well, if I recall correctly, before only comments from users that were federating with an instance would display. Now all comments federated (if no block/silence is applied to user/instance).

I follow some people that default post setting is followers only. Still, there are other factors, like you would not interact with posts if you don't have an account, the usability is completely different, etc.

@maique Same here. First time I was thinking: I messed up the install, this thing is not federating :)

@ondra I feel it's actually much better right now, I remember the old days when virtually no comments would sync :)

Still, what you describe is possible but if the privacy of the post is set to public. For followers only posts, that will not work.

Currently in Mastodon development testing there is this new message being displayed when you load a remote profile.

This simple message is a welcome addition. I had to explain this so many times to new people and even regular users don't know/remember (myself included, I keep forgetting this) that remote profiles are rarely complete.


@eloisa damn, keep forgetting that, let me re-post sorry.

@valere nvm, just tested it. Pretty cool, didn't know about Thanks for making it available.

@arturcoelho the new Edge it's actually pretty much just Chrome with some tweaks, at least from my brief testing that's what I felt but I didn't look deep into it.

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