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@jh4c @nursemchurt yes, that is also possible, at least I have tested a couple of browser extensions that made exactly that.

@nursemchurt there is custom CSS field available to admins where the 3 themes can be customized but that is the only option. So, when something is added there it becomes available for all users.


"This isn't about the law anymore... The current state of copyright is kind of only peripherally related to the law. It's much more related to the policies of the platforms on which we operate our businesses and our lives. Which is a strange situation to be in as we realize that we are kind of CITIZENS OF CORPORATIONS" -

@nicod_ yep, if I understood the question correctly I have answered just now.

@lm If I understand your question correctly, you want to know if there is any commitment when you subscribe to the plan.
No, you can subscribe and stay as many months as you like. If you stop paying you can get a backup of your instance and move to another server or you can just let it go down and I delete the data on my servers.
Hope this helps.

@jackwilliambell Stuff like that is mind blowing when you find it.

But I don't mind a bug that you can see that something is obviously wrong and you can reproduce it. When it's something random or that makes no sense, it really gets under my skin :)

OK, mystery solved it was just the language filtering that was only active for a single language.

A couple of hours to solve something so simple :)

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Hey Mastodon did you ever come across an issue where the Local Timeline is stuck on an old date for a single user?

Any idea on how to debug this?

Same issue was reported by someone else but it has no solution:

@jeena I have no idea but I believe it has something to do with giving you the option to keep the cache as large (far back) as you would like. Just a guess.


@sikkdays @jeena you need to run remove remote to clear cached media if you want to keep the number from growing exponentially. You can run it using tootctl CLI

The good about 5G is that sooner or later ISPs will start to lower 4G prices

I just spent an hour reading the changelog for Mastodon v2.7.0 and the Highlights blog post:

It's pretty amazing the amount of work that goes into a Mastodon release. Contributors, you rock!

@eloisa well, they key a record of the full conversation exchange in your phone at least. So, if someone gains access to your phone the conversation is not private.

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