Did I dream it or there used to exist a Mastodon rake task to create a user with a username in the reserved_username list? Eg: create a user with admin or root as the username

@eloisa @navegante @jpaulostrindade eu utilizo a OVH. A relação qualidade preço são fixes e atendem o telefone durante o horario de expediente, o que é muito fixe.

O data center de Gravelines não me tem dado problemas há mais de um ano.

Podes espreitar aqui os preços: ovh.pt/vps/

Há outras opções mas eu trabalho com eles.

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@eloisa nop :| Changing the bio character limits require code changes and I run Mastodon like it comes from official development fork.

Sorry, that would require to run my own fork and it makes things harder to manage on my end.


In my head Bitcoin is always at $10k, it helps to have a rough idea on the values when looking at bitcoin, eg:
0.1 = $1000
0.01= $100
0.001= $10

Highly inaccurate but I find it helpful :)

@LuisProf eu estava a tentar vias pagas :) mas não existem em Portugal. Tens que ser pirata à força!

@kev OK, I will. Need to find time to do more testing.

@kev That's what I am thinking because right now my price is on the limit of the server resources. So, if I can make it available it will be as an add on.

I just need to test how to implement Elastic Search in shared environment. I have installed Elastic Search in dedicated servers but need to think of a way to implement it in my shared environment in a way that will still allow me to move instances from server to server.


@kev Instances on shared hosting do not have Elastic search. I'm thinking about implementing it in the future as an extra because it requires extra server resources.


@zigg That sounds like a Sidekiq queue but when it involves external instance it can be both your instance or the external instance problem. Still, as you mention the home timeline situation probably it is
queer.garden issue, could you please ask @moiety to send me a screenshot of the Sidekiq page (Preferences->Administration->Sidekiq) when you notice this situation is happening so I can check it and see if that is the source of the problem?

@moiety @zigg From my end it all looks good.

What is the specific problem you are experiencing?

@yoka things are going well with Masto.host and I will continue, still doing it in part-time but I will :)

@Tuttifruttihat I rewatched that not even 2 months ago :) it’s brilliant

@eloisa @MoreEndless @ramsey according to Statista 27M in 2019 is expected: statista.com/statistics/612023
I would say they will get to 250k subscriptions by 2019 if those numbers are right.

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