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Hugo Gameiro

@lettucepray if I find a work around will let you know

@lettucepray it must be something with Amaroq because the same happens to me but not on mobile browser and on other apps.

@lettucepray give me a second to do some testing

@tjk Sure, it can be useful for me or someone else. Just send it over for me to have a look. Thanks

@lettucepray users can delete themselves but the username cannot be reused. You have access to all of that in your administration/user preferences

@tjk nop, that should be because you still have the old IP in cache before the DNS changes. Try another browser or device and let me know if you can't access it.

@tjk looks good and it fixed the issue :)

@tjk yes, I would remove that and change the CNAME for now.
Then we can add the www redirect later. Just to avoid conflicts for the installation

@tjk yes, if you cancel the subscription the instance will be taken offline

@tjk some parts are customizable in the Administration section. Let me know if there is more you need to customize after the instance is installed

@tjk yep, that looks good but I still see another IP propagating under the A record. See attached
I would suggest you remove the other IP or it will cause conflicts

@extebert no, don't think this release changed anything on OStatus.

All instances hosted by are now running version 2.2.0 of Mastodon 🐘

Instances hosted on upgrade to v2.2.0 Mostrar mais

@Luca @WAHa_06x36 @Gargron @scott but if you want a custom plan for, I am glad to talk about it.
I usually allocate 1GB of RAM per plan (on the €5 plan and 2GB on the €10, etc). If you want to have just 1GB of RAM (with limited database connections) and unlimited users/media storage, I am fine with that but you will hit a bottle neck at a rush hour when multiple users are accessing the instance simultaneously and the experience can become bad.

@scott @Gargron @WAHa_06x36 @Luca I am fully open to finding a better way to charge for hosting.
Charging for space would be great for me but most people don't have an idea what 1GB of space will get them.
If I say to someone they get 10GB of disk space for X amount, they have no idea on how many users they can get or how much storage they would use after 1 year of accumulation of external data.
So, I decided to go with number of users to make it simpler for people to choose for.