@max @NOCARRIER It really depends on many factors like the number of years it has been federating, the usage of federation relays or not (how many relays and how many posts per minute they federate) and the number of users and remote users they are following. The average instance is a few GBs and usually bandwidth is 50% of storage but I host instances that use over 400 GB.

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Okay! mastodon.social is updated with a fix for YouTube embeds devised by me and @hugo, as well as better dropdown options on toots: They will now properly show "unmute" when you have someone already muted, as well as offering the "hide everything from x" option. No need to open a profile for that anymore!

@ashwink @milcom @ideasmithy Yes, your instance will copy all posts (except DM not directed at a user in your instance) from a user that you are federating with (someone in your instance follows). The same goes for external instances where users follow you (or a user from your instance), they will copy all your posts to that instance.

Federation works per user and not per instance.

If you don't use a federation relay, that is how Mastodon works.

@nerd no problem :) let me know if I can help

@nerd also via proxy it is working: hide.me/en/proxy

so it must be something with either your ISP or your network or your device.

@nerd you can try and suggest that to the Mastodon development team to see if that is something that makes sense for them to include but I am not sure zip or txt make much sense, as both would require to be downloaded and most admins will probably not be comfortable with providing storage for all their users to zip or other files that can contain malware or other issues that I am not even thinking right now.

@nerd Sorry, same thing. It requires code changes and that is not possible on my setup.

I have coded a patch for Mastodon that should be double checked before I can put it in production on my end.

If someone is into Mastodon development and can have a look, it would be of great help: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

Do break it apart and let me know what I am doing wrong :)

Need help with a noob Rails question 

Need help with a noob Rails question 

Need help with a noob Rails question 

Need help with a noob Rails question 

Need help with a noob Rails question 

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