@Phaserune Every time I go shopping, I spend the 30 minutes after coming back home washing my hands every 5 minutes. And I don't think I obsess a lot but I can't remember ever washing my hands even close to this number of times on a row :)

I’m pretty sure I never had my hands so clean in my life

@x I would read it if it was: Why We Should Ban All Advertising :)

@gushmsilva sim, penso até que já aceitei. Se não, basta colocar o seu nome de utilizador no pedido de registo :)

@jackwilliambell yep, going from 150 to 200 in one day doesn't sound bad for someone that is not calculating the exponential growth.

@zalasur can’t even imagine the numbers if everyone was tested

@Trabalhosexualetrabalho Para mim está a funcionar. Já tentou noutro Navegador/Browser?

@matt this looks pretty cool, would love to see a working prototype :)

Hugo Gameiro partilhado

@milan strange, if you want, email me info@masto.host the parameters you have on .env.production starting with SWIFT and I can try and see if something stands out (obviously no need to send your private Object Storage keys)

@milan notice that Mastodon visually removes the https:// on the message above


@milan I don't think the problem is the SWIFT_OBJECT_URL but the SWIFT_AUTH_URL.

It should be just SWIFT_AUTH_URL=auth.cloud.ovh.net if you are using v3


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