@koyu AFAIK the IPs keep changing, I got reports from several different IPs without any valid pattern I could detect: hackers.town/@thegibson/102282


@arturcoelho sinto-me a derreter. Já me tinha esquecido disto. De um ano para o outro, uma pessoa esquece o que isto é :)

Instance block 

@selea @eloisa it was the first day that I felt like going to the beach... so it felt like the beginning of summer for me :)

@koyu @jovianarchiver you can have a better understanding of the infrastructure here: masto.host/infrastructure/

Any questions, let me know

"Psychologists are just people who weren't smart enough to be psychics." :blobrofl:

@masoud and still I would bet that nobody knows what information does Google have on you.

Police have used Google's Sensorvault database, which was built to collect information for better ad-targeting, to aid in criminal investigations, The New York Times reports; geo-fence warrants enable law enforcement to obtain location data from the database; sources say federal agents first used Sensorvault in 2016 and the practice has since spread to numerous local departments


🇵🇹 A question to those currently in Portugal about a Fedi meeting! 

@sophia Yes, your instance was affected by this mastodon.social/@mastohost/101

Sorry about the trouble, it should not happen again. Please let me know if you notice any issues.

It would be fun to calculate the development cost of Mastodon according to these numbers...

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