@eloisa Eu não conheço e tenho obtido ajuda de pessoal de fora. Se tem de ser de Portugal não te consigo recomendar alguém.

@jwildeboer I don't believe it's Europeans only problem but it's live now, try again and you should get it.

@eloisa :) Well if Walmart and Microsoft can do it, why not Intermaché and Adobe?

@Gargron I like it + having joinmastodon.org/communities on its own url and so clean is a major improvement. Probably could use more instances listed but in terms of design it feels much simpler.

Last week a song named WAP by Cardi B was released. I noticed some noise around it and as my company name is wap.pt/ I decided to investigate... I think I should buy the Urban Dictionary mug:

@mark true but the time spent developing, maintaining and improving is really just worth it if you don't invest (read risk) a lot of money. My goal was more to invest a small amount and grow it relatively slow but it would take many years (with all going well) to achieve what I had in mind. Not really sure if I will continue to spend time working on this.

Oh well, I am a bit bitter today because it took me years to realise this :|

@nate yep, pretty much what I am realising. I tend to not follow common knowledge, I even avoid reading before testing something just to see if I can approach a problem with a different solution but that is pretty much the conclusion I am also reaching.

@ondra if I had 100k that I could afford to risk in trading, I wouldn’t need trading algorithms to make a living :P

I’m joking but yep, I am starting to believe that it only is a valid option for someone with large capital. You could probably make more just dollar averaging on a raising market.

When I first started playing with algorithmic trading I thought it would be viable to aim at a >5% per day profit and was confused why more people weren't working on it.

Several years later and with much trial and error, actual reasonable/realistic backtesting and many experiments I think that now I have the answer. A strategy that consistent provides over ~0.2% profit per day is pretty much a best case scenario.

@mark Hello, yep, I do run it but it is only automated for the new plans that are limited per database disk space. Currently, the other plans that don't have a limit in database space are done manually and when needed.

That tootctl does delete unreferenced toots but on it's own doesn't free up disk space because PostgreSQL doesn't release disk space on deletion unless you vacuum and reindex the database. On it's own it just allows the space to be reused.


@jpaulostrindade ontem quando esta a adormecer vi este vídeo youtube.com/watch?v=RO0wOW6_u- e fiquei tentado a instalar uma VM com o Elementary OS. O 6 ainda parece mais bonitinho :)

@jwildeboer @Gargron It's already live, all went smooth :) Laptop comes with me, just in case.

@Gargron you always know how to pick the days I have something planned 😂

@jackwilliambell I need to leave the house in 30 minutes, so I better be done before :) Last case scenario, I will take my laptop

Starting to install updates in production 1 hour before a dinner party is probably not the best idea but I like to live on the edge :)

@maique @maique Well, you pointed the DNS to my servers really fast, so you also deserve some credit :) Thanks

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