Dress for success, they say. But lately I noticed that my best work has been done while wearing my pyjamas.

So, either "they" are wrong or in my case pyjamas might be my success clothes :)

@yoka Amazing 🎉 I am so happy to be able to help. Thank you so much :)

Masto.pt - novas regras, código de conduta e política de privacidade 

@bigthomaz "Teoria da conspiração... é uma hipótese explicativa ou especulativa que sugere que há duas ou mais pessoas ou até mesmo uma organização que têm “tramado” para causar ou acobertar, por meio de planejamento secreto e de ação deliberada, uma situação ou evento tipicamente considerado ilegal ou prejudicial." pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teoria_d

@AuroraTune_1103 Hello,

Please email me indicating the domain you want to use. I need to keep an email record of all requests made for an account.

Also, you will need to make DNS changes in that domain DNS settings by following the instructions on this page: masto.host/dns/

Any questions let me know.

Long note 

@AuroraTune_1103 Sorry, that is not possible to do. Mastodon doesn't provide that option.

"The students who exerted more self-control were not more successful in accomplishing their goals. It was the students who experienced fewer temptations overall who were more successful when the researchers checked back in at the end of the semester. What’s more, the people who exercised more effortful self-control also reported feeling more depleted. So not only were they not meeting their goals, they were also exhausted from trying." - vox.com/science-and-health/201

Folie à deux - "the presence of the same or similar delusional ideas in two persons closely associated with one another" merriam-webster.com/dictionary

@funnylookinhat Fosstodon numbers are very different from most Mastodon instances, don't get discouraged :)

@kev @mike

@kev @mike BTW you can check your database usage in your Mastodon server by going to Preferences->Administration->Dashboard under Space Usage, PostgreSQL.

@kev @funnylookinhat @mike There must be some confusion with the numbers. Obviously the CDN I can't confirm (as you host it yourself) but it looks correct.
But as far as I recall the last time I provided numbers for Fosstodon it was masto.pt/@hugo/105899298188696

Currently the media files storage is pretty much the same (I run media cache clear every week) but the database is now at 76GB.

@joaotrindade De nada. A @eloisa é que impulsionou esta actualização que estava mais do que atrasada da minha parte :)

Masto.pt - novas regras, código de conduta e política de privacidade 

Foram publicadas novas regras, código de conduta e política de privacidade. Podem ver aqui: masto.pt/about/more

Alguma dúvida ou sugestões, agradeço que me contactem. Obrigado

Hugo Gameiro partilhado

…It’s also victim blaming to tell everyday people they’re at fault for using one of the two main tech platforms instead of an (as of yet inaccessible) alternative. (I have two Pinephones and my room overflows open hardware. No, I don’t blame you for using an iPhone or an Android device. You’re the victim here.)

Blame the actual culprits: clueless legislators/policymakers who allow these monopolies to continue and fail to protect our human rights. Blame Big Tech and those who enable it…

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Hugo Gameiro partilhado
Hugo Gameiro partilhado

Regardless of whether Apple bows down to pressure on this, it shows you how they think. It’s their phone, not yours. Tim Apple is your daddy and as long as you live under his roof, you live under his rules. And he’s just made it clear he can enter your room whenever he likes and search your drawers. Might be time to think about moving out.

Problem is, where do you go? Do you move in with creepy uncle Google next door? No, he’s even worse.

And your banking app only works on iOS and Android…

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