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Hugo Gameiro

@jrrt então bem-vindo ao 2018 eheheh

@jrrt acho que não te tinha dado as boas vindas

@jrrt Oh! Bem-vindo ao :)

Currently managing 727GB of RAM, crazy!

@mdm it's just something I found on the internet when I was thinking about website design :)

This is just a test image, still cute but it's just me testing stuff :P

@krainboltgreene hello! do you have an email I can use to send you the details?

@hirojin ahhh gotcha :)

the problem was there was plenty of disk space in the server. like 400GB of free disk space but it was partitioned in a way that caused Docker containers to use a small disk partition where there was little available space.

I honestly could have found it easily if I understood the problem was on my end but was quick to assume it was some software bug. So, I was looking for a software solution and it was obviously not. My bad!

@hirojin not sure I follow? disk stats like what?


oh! wait no ;)

Goal for the day: increase automation without breaking stuff

Sounds easy enough :P

I really really need some Mastodon dev help with this
Anyone? Pretty please

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I am getting reports of an issue where a Mastodon service gets halted and only after manual restart it comes back.

I have just reported this:

Please keep an eye out until I manage to understand what is causing it and let me know if you experience some odd behaviour in your instance (timeline not updating, stuck in "under maintenance page").


@mcread @doctorow I would reword that: Austerity proves that Portugal doesn't work :P

I'm joking but I don't know, I don't think Portugal proved anything. It's just a headline. That really is my view.

@eylul I do agree that we should have easy hosting alternatives for Mastodon.

(the amount of silly jokes that crossed my mind about being hit by a bus is ridiculous 😂 )


@thraeryn right now, caffeine nap. That’s fun ;)

@mcread true! And it also exponentially increases the number of times I re check before submitting something