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Hugo Gameiro

@BarefootWarrior 🤗 Thank you so much. I hope it goes well both our relationship and your Mastodon instance 😂 instances have been all updated to v1.6.1 instance update Mostrar mais

@sandix I am crazy busy this week to think about it but if you still want to help in a couple of weeks, send me an email or something and we talk :)

@sandix currently doesn't give me enough money to be able to pay someone to help me. So, it is not fair to ask someone to help me for free while I am making money (little money, but still)

@sandix I tested now and the propagation of the DNS changes to your domain have already finished.
So, I will start the install (give me 10 minutes and it should be finished).
The email you ask is the email from which the instance sends, right? If that is it, I usually use a custom domain for each instance but you can send me the SMTP for another email provider.

"Can anyone catch the call phone king?" - 10 years ago

@eal I am looking into this. Will get back to you once I have a solution. Thanks

@sabakan My pleasure :) if you need anything just let me know

@eal the guys at Qualys (the company behind SSLtest) say this: "It's not an issue in the sense that the anchor is not allowed, but that the extra certificate (which serves no purpose) is increasing the handshake latency. Some people care about that, which is why provide the information in the test."
So, I don't think that is the problem. What could be is prime256v1because some OSs need it, I added it to, let me know what you think. Thanks :)

@eal Are you sure that is a the cause of your problem. I have many * instances and nobody mentioned it. The SSL is valid and shouldn't cause a problem.

@P @Krakramille nop, you can easily understand it most of the time. Some expressions you don't but in a regular conversation it is usually fine.

@P ainda bem que me lembraste. Tenho ali salada de fruta no frigorifico e até vai bem agora ;)

Finito! All instances have been upgraded to v1.6.0 😅

Notice: instance upgrade Mostrar mais