@Yennefer Yeah! It takes a while to get your head around it at first. I I hope you have fun and if ever I can help feel free to ping me.

@MoreEndless The Four Horsemen: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

@eloisa I had a look at the number of users too but I was just surprised how small was the number of Diaspora pods compared to Mastodon instances.
I never looked into it or really look much at Diaspora but expected something completely different and was really surprised.

@BranTarik I don’t agree that every instance functions like a Silo.

@mooshoe they are called the diaspora illuminati 😂

@vanecx Thank you so much. It's pretty amazing :)

@bortzmeyer @vanecx so the Largest Decentralised Social Media Platform

@vanecx this is very useful but I feel the data is not up to date. I cannot confirm the data from mnm.social but I believe that currently there are way over 2672 active servers.

Am I wrong to say that Mastodon is the largest decentralised social network?

If the data in podupti.me/ is accurate, there are only 237 Pods in Diaspora and according to mnm.social/ there are 6424 instances of Mastodon.

Is there any other data that I can look at to confirm or deny this information?

@MoreEndless eu acho que sim a perguntar: qual último nome?

I would love to help but he forgot to mention the name of his deceased client. I could try and help find the family :blobcheeky:

Last night I rewatched Jodorowsky's Dune, I had forgotten about a lot of stuff: youtube.com/watch?v=UHR6hglVSg

@eloisa @mastohost that is deceiving, the 96 commits were already made before the release was made.

That is trying and failing to say, that there are 96 commits that were not included in that release.

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