@jayrope it really depends of the region but my feeling is that the vast majority is complying with the rules

@jayrope in Portugal it’s renewed every 15 days. So for now it is only until December and renewed after evaluation

@jayrope currently it depends on the region, different regions have different rules. On my region we cannot be out of the house after 11PM until 5AM unless you have a valid reason (work, etc).

I am personally ok with the mask, just surprised how fast things can change. If someone had said to me a year ago that this would happen, I would not believe them :)

@peregrino Cool, thank you so much for sharing. Will have a look :)

PC Guy is the best! "I'm a machine, I am proud of it mmm mmm mmm that's my fan" 😂 this brought a smile to my face youtube.com/watch?v=tEvXVJHTQA

@peregrino if you ever recall the name please let me know.

The other day I was asked about a Reddit like platform that used ActivityPub but I didn't know if one existed and suggested asking someone else. Would be curious to see it in action.


@nate it makes sense, I need to find "thingies" to program :)

@nate I just find the Pi such a cool project and really wanted to buy one but I am afraid that it will end up on a drawer because the use cases I have in mind would most likely be sluggish on an SD card and my tolerance for slow computing is pretty low :|

@Phaserune yep, at least a port that would allow the option to use SSD.

@kai Since I stopped using HDD drives, I could never go back. It could just be a bias in my head but I just don't want to buy something that ends up in a drawer because it feels sluggish compared to daily machines.

I really like the new Raspberry Pi 400 idea of a in a keyboard raspberrypi.org/products/raspb the specs are decent but I just can't wrap my head around using an SD card as the main OS drive.

@swiff @bees From what I see that comes hardcoded on Mastodon, the limit is 30 characters as you can see here github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

There is no simple way of changing it without forking Mastodon and doing the changes but I don't support Mastodon forks on my platform. Sorry.

Is there a reason why you would want more than 30 characters?

@duncanhart I am fine with mask wearing, really not a big deal for me and while I don't enjoy lockdowns/curfews, as I has work mostly alone from home I can deal with the change pretty well but yep, it's a dystopian reality.

The thing that puzzles me is the difference from one year to the next and how I waste time projecting this and that for next year :)

@isma Thanks :)

Yep, that should work. I need that (notice the database dump needs to be a custom pg_dump) and the secrets from .env.variable. Also, the version that you are running should be the latest stable release or very close.

Also, if you like and there is no other data on the server, you can provide me access to the server and I can do the migration for you.

Any questions let me know.

@arturcoelho pois, por ti, pela tua família e por eles e pelas famílias deles.
Mas ainda bem que, pela tua descrição, parece que eles estão a ser porreiros, sempre dá um animo :)

@motorto em espaço publico, foi aprovado hoje.

A lei de algo em espaços públicos onde não seja possível manter o distanciamento social por esse tem alguma interpretação mas de qualquer das formas penso que no geral nas cidades será necessário estar sempre com mascara.

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