"Losing fans is the collateral damage that comes from engaging in music from an artistic perspective, rather than a commercial one. Making music specifically to please fans can be patronising and exploitative. Challenging music, by its very nature, alienates some fans whilst inspiring others, but without that dissonance, there is no conversation, there is no risk, there are no tears and there are no smiles, and nobody is moved and nobody is affected!" - theredhandfiles.com/fear-losin

@selea @js @admin @angristan I worked around the issue on my end with this github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ but not sure it's the same thing and this doesn't solve the problem just works around it. Still, looking at alternative solutions.

@lazar But obviously I was wrong :) I just worked around the issue, not solved it. Going back to debug this today

@noellabo It's possible that all instances running in Docker are affected by this.

@kraehenpost there is possibility that I'm still sleeping and this is some weird dream :)

I rarely wake up during the night but last night I did and had a couple of emails about a couple of Mastodon instances having trouble federating.

This was at 5am and after 14 hours (it's now 7pm) I found a solution to the problem, just removing 2 's' from the Mastodon code: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ :blobmindblown:

Today the weather in Portugal is stormy.
In Portuguese, we have an expression that I would translate as "The devil is on the loose", I think we are not the only country as Bjork's song "It's Oh So Quiet" also mentions "devil is cut loose", probably the same just a different translation.

All this to say that today feels like this song: youtube.com/watch?v=YSaNXpD49Q
🎶"the wind is blowing like it's the end of the world" 🎶

@peregrino Isso obriga a alterar o código e a manter as alterações cada vez que existe uma actualização.

Infelizmente da forma como eu tenho as coisas isso não é possível.


@max @NOCARRIER It really depends on many factors like the number of years it has been federating, the usage of federation relays or not (how many relays and how many posts per minute they federate) and the number of users and remote users they are following. The average instance is a few GBs and usually bandwidth is 50% of storage but I host instances that use over 400 GB.

Hugo Gameiro partilhado

Okay! mastodon.social is updated with a fix for YouTube embeds devised by me and @hugo, as well as better dropdown options on toots: They will now properly show "unmute" when you have someone already muted, as well as offering the "hide everything from x" option. No need to open a profile for that anymore!

@ashwink @milcom@mastodon.social @ideasmithy Yes, your instance will copy all posts (except DM not directed at a user in your instance) from a user that you are federating with (someone in your instance follows). The same goes for external instances where users follow you (or a user from your instance), they will copy all your posts to that instance.

Federation works per user and not per instance.

If you don't use a federation relay, that is how Mastodon works.

@nerd@social.wiuwiu.de no problem :) let me know if I can help

@nerd@social.wiuwiu.de also via proxy it is working: hide.me/en/proxy

so it must be something with either your ISP or your network or your device.

@nerd@social.wiuwiu.de working fine on my end.

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