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What jobs will still be around in 20 years? 

"automation is “blind to the color of your collar.” It doesn’t matter whether you’re a factory worker, a financial advisor or a professional flute-player: automation is coming for you."

Never thought that Paralegal and legal assistant had a 94% chance of automation. instances upgrade to v1.4.3 

I will start the upgrade of all instances to Mastodon v1.4.3 for all instances.

Lot's of fixes and new features

I particularly like that now we have Account deletion and that Columns can be pinned, unpinned and moved. Read more here:

The update will cause a couple of minutes of downtime and will be rolling out gradually today.

Will be starting the upgrade of all instances on to v1.3.1
Be advise that each instance will be down for exactly 3 minutes and 36 seconds 😀 (not exactly but it will be close to that)

@nolan damn, couldn't get PgBouncer working following your instructions. really odd, it looks so straight forward

I'm doing some testing to try and center Mastodon web app on larger screens. What do you think about this.
Still not really happy with the background color.

BTW if someone could tell me how to do a PR without including all this stuff I would be really grateful. See here:
yep, I suck at git 😕

OK, enough for today. Gone over the pt translation for Mastodon and separated European Portuguese from Brazilian Portuguese to make the translation uniform to the user.
It's already live on my instance but I submitted a PR and if it gets approved it will be available for everybody.
Hope you have a good one

Mastodon (PT)

Mastodon é uma rede social baseada em protocolos abertos da web e software livre e gratuito. É descentralizado como e-mail.