@hugo you're using unironicly #gmail? no joke?
how comes and how can we help you? 😜

@paulfree14 I am all open for getting out of Gmail but from my tests they have the best delivery rate that I can find + 20GB of free disk space. Not easy to compete with that mostly the delivery rate.
I even tested several paid services but sending invoices ended up on spam all the time, using Google it never happens. So, I keep using it until I find a better alternative.

@hugo that's already a start :)
From my perspective #google doesn't make any good offer. Thay analyse your mails (they made some time an annoucment that they are changing that), create a profil of you and marketize it. That's not a big deal from an individial perspective, but get's troubeling when this happens to large part of society.
My mail storage I try to keep small. I just download the data, store it and delete it from the mail server. I don't know for what 20GB would be good for

@paulfree14 I could live with less than 20GB but not without my invoicing ending up in spam.
I run a business in Portugal where every day I email invoices automatically with attachments and tried several times to use other services but always ended up getting complaints from clients that the invoices ended up in spam.
Only with Google that changed 🤷‍♂️

currently my main email adress is hosted by a friendly hacker collective. They operate based on gift-economy and even offer much more then 'just' mail.
You also gain access to other service hosted by them like #nextcloud, #matrix, #taiga, #xmpp, ...and more.

@hugo @disroot
yes, those spam lists are an issue. thought that issue will then also acure with disroot. Some might just like to use this as a method to push others out from the market....and it works to some extend, it seems.

@disroot thank you so much! Is there any way to use custom domains for the mail service? Also is the data encrypted end to end? @paulfree14

We provide custom domain linking and mail aliases to our regular contributors disroot.org/en/services/email

As for e2e since we want to stay true to IMA and POP protocol there is not way to also do e2e encryption that said you are free to use gnupg yourself. You can also have a look at easycrypt.co which offers zero knowledge e2e encryption on top of existing mail such as disroot

We are also planning deploying server side mailbox encryption complient with imap.

Amd there is also autocrypt, new standard beinfg adopted and implemented by many mail clients which will do gpg by default will minimal effort. So there might be soon proper trully end to end standard.

@disroot awesome, will try to find some time to look into this and test it out. Thank you for the service and providing these answers 👊@paulfree14

@disroot @hugo
what I'm also a big fan of is the office suite from #onlyoffice.
While you need it for work:
you can create contacts, add tasks that are stored linked to the specific contact and set reminder.
(until now it my favorit office suite)

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