"Hackers obtain a casino's "high-roller" database by hacking into a connected thermometer in a fish tank in the establishment's lobby" 🐟 🐠 🎣

@hugo "and up to the cloud"

Why the fuck would they extract the data to a cloud service wtf

@viomi my guess is they just said "up to the cloud" because every thing is "the cloud" for a lot of people

@hugo lmfao the entire IoT market just needs to stop existing. It’s clearly failed at having any utility except to open people up to data vulnerability.

@alex_ that or someone needs to find a way to build proper software for those things



the casino is also at fault here. You don't place those two things on the same network.

@sanchaz @hugo end users but this is how smart devices work. They run over WiFi. It’s touted as a quick and easy solution, but first of all why would I need to know my fish tank temperature at all times from my phone? Second of all, if you did need a way of monitoring the temperature why would you want to hook it into your WiFi? You wouldn’t. The company that designed the product likely did it.

@hugo it’s a tendency among marketing departments to make something “smart” for no added utility. If it doesn’t add utility, it doesn’t need to be smart.

@hugo Why do people set up cloud-connected surveillance devices in their own properties? A camera and microphone controlled by a random company in your house? I'm sure that will never be abused.

@hugo I clicked the link here and my browser asked permission to record audio

@hugo Wonder if the "tank" was done by the "Tanked" guys/ ATM out of Las Vegas?

@hugo reading articles like this reminds me that I will always have a job.

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