I have created a dedicated account for and you can follow it here: @mastohost

I will start doing the announcements there (will boost them here).

This way if my servers go down there will still be a place where you can go to see what is going on. Plus, I feel more comfortable asking new people to follow that account to get announcements and they don't have to follow me.

I have also created a Status page so anyone can see what is the status of the servers:

@hugo beautiful. will follow @mastohost but I also like the personal vibe of talking to you directly. :)

@luka @mastohost you can follow both and in both you are talking to me :) but I get what you are saying

@hugo for some reason, the @ mention of @mastohost is taking to the webui, rather than allowing me to follow on here. I assume it's because the account isn't fedorated yet or something?

@hugo @mastohost never mind, stayed working when I did the mention myself. Weird.

@kev @mastohost yep, probably it was not federated yet. Let me know if it happens again

@kev For me is the same. It can't be a federation problem, rather the way Mastodon has implemented such things in their web client. If you paste the address of the opened page in your search box, then you can easily follow it.

@hugo Thank you Hugo, and keep up the great work 😁

@hugo added, tho I prefer to follow you for *you, you*! :D

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