'Zuckerberg has repeatedly doubled down on the toxic idea that we should only have one self, one persona. That we should be the same person in all social circles, lest we be “frauds”.' -

I don't always see eye-to-eye with DHH but this article is pretty good

@hugo yes, the article makes a good point. there's always been a backwards-looking, puerile mentality behind Facebook, selling and reselling the idea that the people you knew in school ought to be your best friends forever

@mona @hugo Funny, that. Most of the people I knew in school should be dropped face down into an oil well.



I've said it before, I'll say it again: Facebook is the Internet equivalent of never leaving the small town where you were born.

@hugo I'm happily/miserably a "fraud" at work, where being genuine about who I am can get me fired. :/

@hugo This article hits the nail on the head with laser precision.

@hugo Good article, I agree. His reasons for leaving Facebook are somewhat similar to my own.

@hugo I had the sudden realization of the obvious this year.

FB creates the illusion that we are maintaining friendships. But keeping up with the events of (old) friends lives is not the same thing as keeping in touch with (old) friends.

Better to let people go and make new friendships -- or buckle down and make a phone call, or schedule a lunch date. Anyone I'm not willing to do that for, isn't someone I'm committed to calling a friend.

@hugo @benhamill was talking about this recently! i agree with this, especially the quote you pulled. i'd go even farther and say i'm not the person i was with the friends i went to school with, but i'm also not the same person with my coworkers that i am with my family or my irl friends or my internet friends, etc etc. i adjust for different social groups and different situations and facebook makes that difficult, to the point where i very rarely post any more because there's almost nothing that i want to say to the entirety of my fb audience

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