Hugo Gameiro

Any of you a WebSocket ninja that wants to make some $ helping me for a couple of hours on a project that I am working on?

@hugo Fuck, I'm not a websocket ninja but the other parts sound really good.

@ekaitz_zarraga I never worked with websockets and really need someone who could crash course me :P

@hugo I didn't either but maybe @inmysocks did.

I know a little about them but I think it's nothing that you couldn't learn by yourself.

@ekaitz_zarraga @hugo I have made things using them but I am not sure I am a ninja in that respect.

@inmysocks @ekaitz_zarraga do you want to talk with me and see if you can help me? when would be a good time for you?

@hugo I can talk to you at least. I am on Paris time and tomorrow during the day is probably the most convenient for me right now. Sometime between 10am and around 5pm UTC+1 would be most convenient. If you are in the US than I can do later in the evening so let me know.

@inmysocks that is cool. I am in Portugal, so UTC. I will ping you tomorrow to see if you are around and have some time. Thanks

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