Hugo Gameiro

Do you want to help out with the translation of Mastodon?

Now it is pretty easy, just go to pick your language and get started :)

This Weblate thing is pretty cool

@hugo Yes, I tried to complete the french translation. ;)

@Gargron I wasn"t able to force weblate to accept that some expressions translate to the same thing in french, for example "In Memoriam". Is there a way ?

@P if I understand your question, I think you need to go to every place manually where it has that expression and change it.
Like, I noticed there were some words/expressions that need translations in different places

@hugo at last man. The github-thing was "painful"

Obrigado! 😉

@xosem true, I would see something that I could translate in 5 minutes but would get lazy just thinking about all that needed to be with GitHub :)

@hugo can I get started with a language that isn’t listed there somehow?

@benjbrandall I am sure there is a way but I don't know how to create a new language on Weblate but if you really want to do it, I would suggest asking or on GitHub

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