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Hugo Gameiro @hugo instances have been all upgraded to v1.5.0

Have a look at your instance homepage. It looks very different :)

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@hugo Indeed ☺

Here, it's a mix between french and portuguese when not logged in :

I don't think mastodon should use the current locale of the browser.

@P I agree. I also question that decision regularly 🤔

@hugo Since I speak both French and portuguese, I think it's a cosmetic issue.

I found a W3C post which disaprove, I might fill a bug tonight.

BTW, do you have a setting to switch default language to portuguese on the admin interface ?

@P I believe the idea behind making it like that is for someone that arrives at an instance in a language that person doesn't understand, to still be able to find the basic navigation and stuff.
I don't know but that the only logic I can think for that decision.
As for the admin settings, there is an variable you can set during installation for the default location but even that is bypassed.