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Hugo Gameiro @hugo

Upgrade finished! instances are all now running at v1.4.7 🎉

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@hugo All good? Any major issues? I think I’m going to take the plunge before my flight :)

@aral It looks solid! Haven't found any issues :)

@hugo Up and running with it on my personal instance. Going to test it for a day or so before moving over. Thanks again :)

@hugo Rad! Can't wait to get on board. I was trying to pitch a story about using your system to a few sites, but I think as soon as I get a couple of projects out of the way, I'll take the plunge myself & write the piece anyway.

@sikkdays Just do it! 😂

Let me know if you need help with it

@hugo acho que seria interessante pores aqui também o changelog. Obrigado.

@zedascouves se vires o toot anterior está lá. Por norma envio o changelog sempre no toot em que anuncio que vai ser iniciado o upgrade.
Mas a fonte é sempre a mesma, esta página:


@hugo certo, mas referia-me a pôr o changelog mm no toot. Sim, é preguiça minha...😝