"I operated dozens of booter ("DDoS-for-Hire") services... every single one of them used CloudFlare to protect my websites from rival DDoS attacks. Without CloudFlare's "neutral" security service offerings I couldn't have facilitated millions of DDoS attacks. It's hard to stress just how instrumental CloudFlare is in the success of a booter services operation, booters that didn't have protection from CloudFlare would not remain online very long." -

@hugo this is really interesting.. i was unaware of cloudflares recent decisions to block their own customers. This is kiwifarms last message before they went dark.
Hmmmm. I'll have to dig into the archive a little more to better understand what they are trying to suppress.

@hugo still trying to put the whole story together.
They did appear to dox very specific people, which could be their reason to refuse service. I don't necessarily agree with taking them down, but I'm starting to understand why, I think.

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