I decided to go and watch Top Gun Maverick yesterday. All the reviews on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes were so good that I was expecting it to be a great movie.

I understand nostalgia and hate to say bad things about others work but honestly can't see how 8.6 IMDB, 78 Metascore and 96/99% Rotten Tomatoes are the ratings for this movie.

If I was being generous, I would rate the movie 6. It's an OK movie to watch on a Sunday afternoon while you are half asleep on the sofa :)

@hugo If no one really hates it, then no one really loves it, either.

@hugo yap didn't see all the fuss, went to the movie expecting more.

@hugo I was expecting very good flight scenes. I was not disappointed, I was even impressed to see that it had some characters and story!

8.6? Nah. But worth the time in a real cinema. At home it wouldn't be worth it.
Now I'm hoping Tom Cruise will produce a remake of Air Force One, because the flight scenes there were awful.

@hugo Yeah I think the majority of people liking it are just nostalgic, and I don't anything really wrong with that. But I can understand how if jets, or the military aren't interesting to you, how you wouldn't be that entertain by the movie. I think that is very fair, and there is nothing wrong with you not liking it either. I still haven't seen it yet, but I expect that I'll like it.

The military thing is not too much, but the Tom Cruise propaganda... like in the Mission Impossible saga.

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