At the rate streaming services have been putting out content, and how little I have watched, I would need to take one year off work just to catch up :)

@hugo Don't worry, not worth it. Take time off for something better instead :)

@mike I didn't know of the existence of tree shaping as a hobby/activity and was fascinated when I found out. That's why I mentioned it.

Sounds interesting but not sure if personally I could commit to something that takes such a long time to get results. I can be patient but not that patient :)

@hugo Hehe yeah you might need another hobby while waiting

@hugo I just maintain a watchlist and when there's an opportunity to watch something, I take it out from there. I'll never watch everything in it but that's kinda its purpose... to always know what I want to watch next the most. :) It's not a tasklist, just entertainment.

@ondra I like that, not a tasklist :) I don't have any "goal" to watch what is available. What's really interesting is the sheer amount of content being generated (or just made easily available) with the introduction of so many streaming services all competing for our entertainment time.

@hugo Yeah, it's almost daunting. All I've ever wanted from Netflix back in the day was to have all the good already-existing movies conveniently and legally available anywhere. Unfortunately we can't have nice things and every studio wanted their piece of cake and are forced to produce more lower-budget (mostly more niche) content.
After Netflix decided to lower the video quality during covid I'm back to pirating now.

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