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Wenn (oder der Server, auf dem du dich befindest) ein Abonnement wäre - wie viel würdest du zahlen?

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@JohanEmpa I pay €6/month to @mastohost, which is fair, affordable & I get to use my domain. So €3/month is reasonable.

People need to pay for the services they use lest they end up shutting down or overrun by ads.

But maybe you could offer a freemium service, similar to what is doing. Pay more per month for more space (for images & videos) & possibly include other services (like @peertube or @pixelfed) as perks.

Freemium could work, but it probably need to reach critical mass to get going.

@JohanEmpa @darnell From the numbers I see across the Fediverse, most instances (that have registrations open) would be net positive if the users paid €1 per year.

@hugo @JohanEmpa Oh really! Just €1/year‽ I think if that was properly explained then the the numerous instances would be able to buy better servers & perhaps hire a few moderators too!


@darnell @JohanEmpa I am not saying that you could pay moderators or something like that with €1/year. I was only referring to paying for the hosting.

I personally don't think the Fediverse should emulate centralised social media with instances attempting to get the largest number of users and professional moderation, support, etc.

I think that smaller communities are much nicer for the end user and it makes moderation almost a non issue for admins.

@hugo @JohanEmpa I agree that smaller communities are easier to moderate than much larger ones. I know @derek created an excellent video detailing the problem with moderation of large social networks (I think about 14 minutes in).

The Fediverse can be decentralized and federated while also breaking even with a few full time employees on an instance. Hosting, moderation, admin etc in house

Of course we want mostly hobby instances, but some small companies would be good for the Fediverse as a whole.


@JohanEmpa Actually.... and personally, I don't really want "hobby" instances as this adds a dangerous potential of depending on corporate money, here. I'd very much prefer instances reliably 24x7 operated by people who are able to pay their bills doing so - it seems a tad more sustainable than expecting people to do that pro bono while needing a "real dayjob" to cover their costs.

@hugo @darnell

@z428 @JohanEmpa @hugo I know some instances form cooperatives which require users to share the cost every month.

@darnell Yes, something like that seems a good approach to me too. From many different perspectives actually, not just funding. In example in terms of legal / compliance, running an instance as an individual feels quite ... risky to me, at the moment, especially if that's a public (larger?) instance. Or considering "personal redundancy" - who's that person to respond to that CVE on Christmas Eve while the admin's on vacation...? 😉

@JohanEmpa @hugo

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