How was your Degoogling, ? What tools and/or services did you use to replace the ones from Google?
So far, I'm replacing Gmail with free email service. This made me change the associated email address in a lot of services to the new one. There are still a few services unchanged, specially state stuff, but I'll make it eventually.
For web searches, I'm using @StartpageSearch instead of Google.
I haven't found a decent replacement for Photos so far :(

@brunomiguel For email, I am currently using Fastmail, it has been rock solid but it's paid.

For search it's a bit tricky, for local search and language/country specific searches in Portugal I haven't found a single replacement that I can reliably count on without falling back to Google.

Also don't know of a free alternative to Photos. But if you want a "hackish" solution and have an old computer (let me know if you don't) you can always host Nextcloud/Owncloud from home or something.

@hugo @brunomiguel

In the search bit, give a try to Brave Search. Isn't Google, but, also, is not a Bing. 🤣


@DJPRMF @brunomiguel I tried Brave Search and was honestly impressed but for things that I search regularly in Portuguese or about local information, it doesn't work.

But it's impressive that they can do a decent search engine without using Bing.

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