Any suggestions of good and affordable ‘pay as you go’ alternatives to MailGun for transactional email?

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@hugo SendGrid, SES depending on features needed. Latter being true PAYG where as SendGrid is free to 100/day but flat US$15 or so up to 40,000/mo. SES is US$0.10/1000 and billed on actual usage (and the cost of outbound data US$0.12/GB) so could work out much cheaper if you don’t need the fancy stuff that SendGrid etc. come with.

@alex thanks, I was looking at SendGrid but the fixed cost for what I had in mind is probably overkill and also can’t live with the fixed daily limit on the free plan. Probably will need to test SES because I can’t really find other truly pay as you go alternatives.

@hugo yeah it also limits you a little if you need SMTP based sending rather than API based as some only support the latter. Mandrill is another but also has a minimum charge ($20/mo if I recall correctly) which is why I didn’t mention. AWS is as far as I recall the only one with true per email PAYG and it’s pretty simple to get going with too which helps.

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