If you have just installed Mastodon and don't know where to start to find people to follow a good idea is to try and check other users follows and one by one try to see if you find someone to follow.

Alternatively you can go to communitywiki.org/trunk and do the same on the categories that interest you.

If you are lazy and don't want to look up one by one, I created a little script to generate a csv from Trunk categories: hugo.gameiro.pt/trunk-to-csv/ that you can then import in Mastodon.


After you generate the csv go to 'Account->Import and export->Import' and upload the csv. That will follow everyone from the Trunk categories you chosen.

The script source is here: github.com/hugogameiro/trunk-t

Hope it helps getting you started and thanks to @kensanata @Mayana @amolith @carbontwelve and everyone that makes Trunk possible.

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