Today I am sitting on my desk with a pen and a notepad next to me and writing down everything I do and the time it takes me, so I can understand why I keep reaching the end of the day and not move forward with what I had planned for the day.

So, my conclusion is: on average for every hour I spend "working" 20 minutes are lost. From breaks, phone calls, random searches I do online, etc.

So, on an 8 hour work day, just around 5 are actually productive.

@hugo thing is, tho, we need a break every now and then so we actually keep being focused enough and healthy, so those breaks still count anyway. :blobcatbusiness:


@eloisa yep, I can't function without those breaks 😅

@hugo see? So, those breaks are essential for work, too. Thus, they count as productive time too. Just a different experience of what it means to be productive. :ablobcathappypaws:

:_catsleep: I'm the most when I'm dreaming!

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