I have been testing both Pop!_OS for the first time and I like it a lot.


I've seen a lot of people saying they like it.

I want a new laptop and I'm considering a System76 unit. Or I might go with something kind of off the wall…

Basically I get one of these: hp.com/us-en/shop/pdp/hp-prode

Then I get a nice travel case and build into it the HP mini, a wifi router, and battery-backed power supply. I'd put Pop on the mini and set it up as a remote desktop. Then access that from a Chromebook.

It would be great for travel and much cheaper than an equivalent laptop.


@jackwilliambell that’s a crazy setup :) I am also looking for a mini pc, I have been tempted to order one from store.minisforum.com/

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Apparently the one I want is out of stock. Dang! I should have bought it when I first came up with the idea. It's crazy powerful for it's size.

My idea would be great for travel. In a hotel room I could hook the mini up to a TV and use it with a kb/mouse or from the Chromebook – like I would when on the road.

And if I'm going somewhere for the day I lock up the mini and only take the Chromebook, so if it gets stolen or damaged I can replace it for a few hundred dollars.

@jackwilliambell it does make sense. Have you tested the performance of remote access using the chromebook?


No. And I've got a lot of projects higher in the queue right now.

I also haven't verified I can set up the mini to do the remote desktop over the wired connection to the wifi router (and ONLY to the wifi router) while using the built-in wifi for Internet at the same time.

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