Been testing IPset with the 10k IPs block list from the free tier of and it reduced the load on a LAMP server by close to 50%. Pretty amazing if these results are validated over time.


Ah Thats great! I have been reporting IPs to them for the last 5 years now, and we use the api at work too

@selea I have been using them manually over the years to validate blocks from my firewall but never used their block list or made any reports. But now I am thinking that maybe I should :)

@hugo How doea that work with your web server? Seems like a IP query for every request would slow things down a bit. Also has it affected ad revenue?

@pj I can't say about ad revenue as I don't run any site with ads.

In terms of request, you just do one request per day and fetch the free 10k IPs at once. Then you need to have to install and configure it to use that list. IPset runs in memory, so it's pretty fast and the extra memory it uses on the server that I am testing, is nothing compared to the extra memory that was being wasted 'answering' spam/attack requests.

@lisbonjoker Yes, on that server yes. Apache with is not very resource hungry and as it runs in memory it can parse the 10k IP list pretty darn fast.

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