Have you ever used Fastmail? Any thoughts on the service that you would like to share?

@hugo been with them for years, huge fan. Reliable, reasonably priced, saves me a ton of work.

@mike Great to know, thank you so much. Any experience with their support, that's currently my main concern.

@hugo never had to use their support but I know some people personally who have worked there, and I'd be surprised if they're not great.

As a company they seem to be pretty good, I've considered working for them more than once but the right role hasn't ever been advertised heh.

@mike that sounds like a huge yes sign, thank you so much :)

@mike @hugo A longtime friend of mine works there and I’ve had good support from Fastmail staff on the Cyrus mailing list (Cyrus is the IMAP backend they use). I used to self-host, for eight+ years, but I decided to migrate my personal domain to them this year. Great product, well implemented.

If you want a referral code hit one of us up.

@futzle Thank you so much. Sounds good, if you can please do send me the referral code, this way if I decide to go forward I already have a referral code :)

@hugo @futzle @mike going to also jump on the train of saying they’re great. I had to deal with their support when I had some issues with the static web hosting feature and HTTPS, and they were very helpful and quick and didn’t talk down to me like I don’t know tech, like most company’s service reps do — they clearly knew their stuff.

@s0 Thank you so much, this thread is helping me a lot to make my decision :)

@hugo I’ve got something like 5 domains on it at this point, all with various aliases to my one inbox, with different combinations of partial and full DNS with them. Has been 100% reliable for me over the last 6+ years.

@s0 I need to work on a similar set up. But still want to keep it portable in case I decide to move out in the future. So, I am not sure alias would work for that (meaning migrating a single account with emails for that account), probably will need to create multiple accounts or something. Need to do some more research :)

@hugo @s0 With Fastmail you pay per login, so if you have five domains all pointing to the same account you pay for one login. If you have separate logins then you pay for each one.

I do what s0 does and have all my domains point to one account. Fastmail filtering rules (standard sieve) then separate the messages into their own per-domain folder.

@futzle @s0 my concern is migrating out, as I want to be able to take my emails sent to a single account to a different provider when/if I decide to migrate. I believe that with your setup that would not be possible, probably would need multiple accounts/users/logins and then have to forward the email to the main one to keep portability.

@hugo @futzle is there a reason separating by folders inside the mailbox won’t work?

@s0 @futzle not sure if I would be able to migrate out a single account (emails in one folder) to another provider that way.

@hugo You can always filter the emails received by different addresses by their headers and move them to separate accounts over IMAP for example.
@s0 @futzle

@s0 @hugo @futzle @mike Late to this, but count me as another very happy Fastmail customer!

@virtualwolf I still haven't paid them, so you are still on time :) thank you so much

@hugo they’re good and very reliable. Maybe not up there with the latest and greatest in email features, but solid.

@laura Thank you so much. I just really need solid. If their service does what it announces, it fits all my current needs. Again, thanks Laura.

@hugo I used them for a year or so. Great service, was very happy. Decided to move to Zoho Mail as they were a fraction of the price. I've been with them for 3 years now (actually renewed today) and I'm just as happy with Zoho as I was with Fastmail.

@kev Thank you so much Kev. From the outside looking in Zoho feels all over the place. It does way too many things, I feel overwhelmed :) But if you are happy with them, I will have a look just in case I end up liking it. Again, thanks

@hugo they do have A LOT of services, but they're generally separate. For example, I have their "Mail Lite" service which is just Mail, Contacts & Cal for <£1/month.

I use it with my wife to share cals etc. She's happy with it, so it's can be that complicated - she's a technophobe. 🙂

@r3pek I self host some of my email addresses but I need one central inbox that is cloud based as I have many GBs of email data (from multiple accounts) and having it local on the multiple devices I use, it would be a pain.
I don't know of any (open source) software that can handle unified inbox from multiple sources.

@hugo RoundCube with plugin. And I think dovecot can even be configured to do it itself (but not sure about this one)

@r3pek Didn't know of that plugin, thanks :) but can I send via multiple SMTPs + addresses?

@hugo awesome question... Really can't remember but I think u can use "Identities" for that

@r3pek Great, thanks. I am really tempted to just jump into a service and not having one more thing to manage :) but it's good to know that if I ever reconsider I should look deeper into it.

@hugo TLDR they're awesome, and have awesome support. Great people, great product.

@dch thank you so much :) I really need to give them a go.

@hugo I'm personally mooching off a (very) generous friend's account — coming up on the end of my first 7 days. love it already, mainly because I can just have my systems set to email me via fastmail for notifications and such

@hugo it's nice to be finally able to send+receive from my own domain haha

@hugo I've been using it for years now. They provide very solid service at a decent price and I've been happy with them.

Been with them for many many years now (over 10 I'm sure?) Never had an issue

@Davercade thanks. I have now been using them for over a month and I am really happy with my experience so far.

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