Does anyone know where I can buy a backpack just for a laptop? No extra space, just the laptop.

@hugo I have a backpack from Waterfield that is a bit more than a laptop, but really just laptop and cables. They don't seem to make that anymore, but they have some others that are pretty light.

This seems to be the closest: (for Macbook, they have other models as well)

@ted Yes this looks close to what I had in mind. The only difference is the strap, I was thinking backpack but can’t find anyone that make a minimal backpack like that.

Thanks a lot, I will save this as an option.

@hugo you might chat with them some. I don't know how flexible they can be, but since they're sewn in SF they might be able to adjust.

@hugo FWIW, search for thin backpack seems to return relevant Google Images results. Some are even designed to be wearable under a jacket.

@ondra never crossed my mind to search there. I will have a look, thanks :)

@albi Those look really cool and the Case Logic one is very close to what I was looking, just wish it was a smaller/thinner.

Thank you so much.

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