One of the most known political commentary person in Portugal said today in an interview that fake news is a big a threat to democracy and that as soon as 2021 there will be a new technology that will stop fake news. This technology is called... wait for it: blockchain.
When asked what blockchain was by the interviewer (that I suppose has never heard of blockchain) he said that the answer was in the name: to block a chain of fake news.

Talking about fake news and spreading fake news. It's perfect.

Here is the original video for anyone that understands Portuguese

@hugo I remember when a crime commentator, back in 2008, claimed on TV something along the lines that blogs were full of terrorists, which was quite amusing too.

I think that moment pretty much solidified my understanding that these buffoons really don't know jack shit about much anything, and I shouldn't trust any of their words on the topics I am ignorant about.

But going on a daytime TV show to whine about fake news on social media while spreading misinfo really takes the cake.

@shello Yes, I had exactly the same thought. If this guy is affirming this with such conviction like he has a deep understanding on the matter and probably just read an article somewhere or listened something from someone, obviously did no investigation on the subject and now goes on TV and claims it as a fact. Then the quality of information that you get from him is no better than the drunk guy at the local pub.


I don't see how using a blockchain could block fake news anyway. I mean, sure, you can make it so you can't copy and modify already reported news, fake or real, but how do you detect the news is fake to keep it from being added to the blockchain?

@jackwilliambell Well, you can pretty much do anything with blockchain. You can replace any app database with a blockchain and there you have it, it's a blockchain.

I did a search for "blockchain fake news" and see that the topic is around

But what you suggest about making news immutable I think is the approach that they are going for from my skim-read of the articles I found.

We couldn't wish for a better example of what fake news are! Absolutely hilarious!😂

@hugo uma pérola, essa. Fica-se com a sensação que a atitude se entende a outros assuntos que ele comenta.

@arturcoelho Exactamente o meu pensamento. Que outros assuntos comenta ele com a certeza absoluta do que diz e dos quais tem pouco ou nenhum conhecimento.

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