And here we are, mask wearing will be mandatory on the streets of Portugal.

Imagine someone predicting this one year ago.

@hugo Do you also have a curfew? And how long is that supposed to last?
As of social mask wearing strategies i just think it all depends on how much individuals take care of trying not to infect anyone else, while not knowing if they are infective, no?
If many are careless, then governments might have no other option.

@jayrope currently it depends on the region, different regions have different rules. On my region we cannot be out of the house after 11PM until 5AM unless you have a valid reason (work, etc).

I am personally ok with the mask, just surprised how fast things can change. If someone had said to me a year ago that this would happen, I would not believe them :)

@hugo Oh yes, well, a year ago we weren't even watching Wuhan on the news. there wasn't any - obvious - #Covid19 reports. My question was rather for how long the government has announced your curfew? The Spanish government has put this up until May 2021, which seems surreal, because that ignores any possible improvement in the meantime right away.. And therefore many locals have a feeling of possible dictatorship coming back to #Spain. How is that in #Portugal? Thank you!


@jayrope in Portugal it’s renewed every 15 days. So for now it is only until December and renewed after evaluation

@hugo That sounds better.

Here in Berlin there's no curfew, but you can't get beers from anywhere after 22h, and then anything besides gas stations has to close as well. Hmm $%&??

I guess they are trying to control party culture, although numbers show, that at least they aren't the main reason for infection rise.
I make my own quarantine strategy anyways.

Problem is maybe, that many don't even believe, that a pandemic exists.

Forgive me for asking on, am curious:
How is that in Portugal?

@jayrope it really depends of the region but my feeling is that the vast majority is complying with the rules

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