I really like the new Raspberry Pi 400 idea of a in a keyboard the specs are decent but I just can't wrap my head around using an SD card as the main OS drive.

@hugo My system drive is an sd card on my pinebook pro and it's fine.

@kai Since I stopped using HDD drives, I could never go back. It could just be a bias in my head but I just don't want to buy something that ends up in a drawer because it feels sluggish compared to daily machines.

@hugo It's fun to play with, but yeah I wouldn't want it to be my only machine unless my needs were highly unconventional.

@hugo Agreed. I think the point is cost of entry here, but I feel like regardless of the cost, if the device can't be used as a serious compute platform then what is the point? If a cheap SSD is to expensive, how many write are they going to get on the SD card before it fails? Just doesn't seem like a good long game in my opinion.

@Phaserune yep, at least a port that would allow the option to use SSD.

@hugo My kids used a Raspberry Pi 4 as their main homework computer during the first half of this year, before their school sent home a new laptop. They actually preferred the :raspberrypi: (partially because it wasn't loaded down with school-based spyware). It really was just fine for school work. It wouldn't be a good enough daily driver for tech savvy folk, but it does the job. That pi is now an always-on family game server and is running like a champ.

@nate I just find the Pi such a cool project and really wanted to buy one but I am afraid that it will end up on a drawer because the use cases I have in mind would most likely be sluggish on an SD card and my tolerance for slow computing is pretty low :|


I had to stop myself from thinking of the raspberry pi as "a computer" and start thinking of it as a cheap way to program "thingies" around the house.

@nate it makes sense, I need to find "thingies" to program :)

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