There is a Portuguese novelist (António Lobo Antunes) who says that he writes every day for about 12 hours a day. Still, on a good day he only ends with half a page of work.

This always confronted, puzzled me.

I don't know but our compatriota doesn't seem much productive, why does he just say that he meditate, think a lot before writing a word?


@rmdes Maybe he thinks, maybe he writes and throws it away. Still, that makes me feel confronted by the thought that I give up so much more easily and my consistency is miles way from that. I am not saying that his way is the "right way" but it just touches nerve inside me.

I understand your point, truly it requires determination, self discipline.
I have a story to write that started 40 years ago, where in the last 20 years a lot of things enfold in the story (real story) and where in the last 5 years a trial enfold, Judgement? December 2nd
Im gonna have to write this down and it's going to be a huge challenge, even if u have the script, the characters, the places, everything, but writing it down will require a lot of discipline. I'm gonna try:)

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