Starting to install updates in production 1 hour before a dinner party is probably not the best idea but I like to live on the edge :)

@jackwilliambell I need to leave the house in 30 minutes, so I better be done before :) Last case scenario, I will take my laptop

@Gargron you always know how to pick the days I have something planned 😂

@hugo @Gargron just don’t do it IMHO. It ruins both your evening (even if everything works, you’ll worry) and the rollout. But hey, whatever. :)

@jwildeboer @Gargron It's already live, all went smooth :) Laptop comes with me, just in case.

@hugo @Gargron so you won’t be able to enjoy your evening. That laptop will be nagging. If it really all is good, you don’t need to worry. But you do. That’s my point.

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