Currently in Mastodon development testing there is this new message being displayed when you load a remote profile.

This simple message is a welcome addition. I had to explain this so many times to new people and even regular users don't know/remember (myself included, I keep forgetting this) that remote profiles are rarely complete.


@hugo Even comments on timeline posts are practically never complete. That's the main reason I'm still contemplating replacing this with good old simple RSS reader. Because that's how I mostly use my Mastodon client, for opening posts via permalinks in new tab to see the more complete reality on the origin server. But I don't need a whole server for that.

@ondra I feel it's actually much better right now, I remember the old days when virtually no comments would sync :)

Still, what you describe is possible but if the privacy of the post is set to public. For followers only posts, that will not work.

@hugo Was there some work done on fetching more comments from the remote server?

Yep, I'd lose non-public posts but I haven't seen a private post in months, honestly, so having a server running just for that feels like a waste of resources.

@ondra well, if I recall correctly, before only comments from users that were federating with an instance would display. Now all comments federated (if no block/silence is applied to user/instance).

I follow some people that default post setting is followers only. Still, there are other factors, like you would not interact with posts if you don't have an account, the usability is completely different, etc.

@hugo Handy! At first I expected old toots to show up, and felt something was broken, before realizing it was how things worked.

@maique Same here. First time I was thinking: I messed up the install, this thing is not federating :)

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