How do people create platform-agnostic mixtapes these days?

It's the first time I'm doing this in the streaming age. Last "mixtape" I got was a screenshot of an Apple Music playlist, which I then recreated in another streaming service.

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I mean the whole point is to put a little effort into it, so I'm thinking:

- build the playlist on streaming service
- buy each song and download
- rename MP3s in order
- upload to personal site
- maybe add a nice HTML player? make each track downloadable? zip them all? idk this is getting complicated
- send her the URL


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Steps 1-3 complete. I held off on code as long as possible. I'm now writing a basic static site generator for this mixtape 😄

Also a blog post is expected.

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@matt this looks pretty cool, would love to see a working prototype :)

@hugo @matt I'd love to see that too! (well done for quickly turning a good idea into working code)

@matt @edsu @hugo I have mine at

The actual music is there but unlinked. It's the name of the folder dot zip inside each folder.

@tomasino @matt @hugo Is it unlinked to prevent crawling? I guess rel=nofollow wasn't sufficient?

@edsu @matt @hugo crawling, yes. And since it's music and unlicensed it avoids difficulties

@edsu @matt @hugo mostly I just symlink the index file to a README.txt, so links aren't really a thing anyway. I actually made an html page for pump to show off the album art. I do covers for all my mixes

@matt @hugo Nice, it would actually be kinda fun to try to start trading these using Dat.

@neil @matt @hugo that's neat! I kinda wish the javascript, css assets were cooked into the "tape" and that the audio links were relative, so the tape could live on the web as well as in the datverse.

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