i have some trouble setting up #ovh object storage with #swift for mastodon... /v3 becomes /v3/v2.0/tokens (404 obviously) and / just results in 401.
-> discourse.joinmastodon.org/t/s

maybe somebody can give me a hint on this, would be awesome!
i've only used minio so far... #mastoadmin

@hugo wonderful, thank you! now i need to figure out why it didn't find an endpoint it seems... @selea

@hugo Fog::OpenStack::Auth::Catalog::EndpointError - No endpoint found

i was at first using
SWIFT_OBJECT_URL=storage.de.cloud.ovh.net/v1/AU, it also happens without /Mastodon 🤔

@milan I don't think the problem is the SWIFT_OBJECT_URL but the SWIFT_AUTH_URL.

It should be just SWIFT_AUTH_URL=auth.cloud.ovh.net if you are using v3


@milan notice that Mastodon visually removes the https:// on the message above



@milan strange, if you want, email me info@masto.host the parameters you have on .env.production starting with SWIFT and I can try and see if something stands out (obviously no need to send your private Object Storage keys)

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